*Updated Jan. 2016
People call me Jena. I live somewhere around the world in Asia. I have keep this blog as an outlet, just like everyone else – wanting to be heard and be read about.
Practically speaking, I am an IT graduate who now enjoys life as a willing freelancer. I began to be involved in business every since I graduated and have learned a lot about the trade since then. Right now, I am beginning to enjoy beading and accessory making as my ‘mind-relaxing’ work, I have learned sewing and making garments late 2014. I am notebook, paper, pens, and planner addict ever since the beginning of time.  When I’m in front of the computer, I blog, watch Youtube to get creative ideas and browse through cute, girly stuff to add to my stash of creative knowledge, As for my health, I have been obsessed with essential oils since I’ve learned the benefits of them, topically, aromatically, and internally and have used them to prevent my chronic allergies.

I love writing every since I was young. Although there were lots of apprehension and fears in publishing my works online, I was able to create a humble existence here. Silent Intentions was dubbed about 5 to 6 years ago through the restless activity of my mind. Until now, it still continues to exist even though it has lived in silence for quite some time now.

*Update June 2016
 Reclaimed my domain name jenamaen.com. Changed name “jenamaen” as well to match domain name.

*Update Aug 2016
Did a re-evaluation of the whole theme of this blog, and came into conclusion to make it more of ‘lifestyle’ blog than anything else. After all, its about how I live my life and stuff that I have done, so why not? Changed the whole layout again as well, to accommodate the eyes of those who hate pink. In a lot ways, it now looks more professional than ever before.

*Milestone:  November 2016
Qualified and joined my first ever blogging event – an all-expense paid trip to Mountain Lake Resort care of Travelbook.ph as a blogger affiliate. Read the story here. Learn more about Mountain Lake Resort here. Learn how to be Travelbook.ph Blogger Affiliate here.

Connect With Me:
Email: jenamaen@gmail.com
Skype: jenamaen
Facebook: fb.com/jenamae10
Twitter: twitter.com/jenamae10
IG: instagram.com/jenamaen