I’ve had my fair share of ups and downs when it comes to makeup. From oiliness to breakouts, I never seem to stop having problems with my face. So full-on makeup has to come to a bare minimum or to nothing most of the time.

However, there are also some special events that I need to go to which requires serious glammin’ up – which sometimes, in the end, I’m the only one looking totally dressed up.

And when those special events come, I always have a go-to look that I never seem to get tired of. And knowing that I only want the best for my skin, here are some fabulous makeup items that I definitely would love to try from Sephora.ph – that would help me achieve this simple but glamorous look.

1. Face Primer  – For an oily skin like mine, priming the face is a must. I’ve been hearing and reading a lot of good reviews about this primer, and I definitely would love to try them, too.

2. Foundation – Matte foundation is a necessity to keep my face shine-free all day.

3. Concealer – Another must have for me is a good coverage concealer, since I do have acne scars and occasional pimples that need a little cover up. And this one speaks to me more!
4. Setting / Translucent Powder – Minimal usage of this could help my t-zone shine a little bit less as the day goes on. Yes, just a bit on my oily areas to avoid ugly caking at the end of the day.
5. Eyebrow Pencil – For ordinary days, I use powder eyebrow kit, but I find that eyebrow pencils give a precise shape especially suited for glam-up days. This one whispers perfect for me.
6. Eyeshadow Primer – The same with my face, my eyelids gets super oily most of the time, and to keep my eyeshadows in place at the end of the day, I need to have a good primer in place first. This one has been one of my top choices to try.
7. Eyeshadow – When primed correctly and with high-quality eyeshadows, my eye makeup would stay in place. This palette has a selection of colors that can go from day to night and from simple to fancy. I would definitely want to try this someday.
8. Eye Liners – To finish off a glam holiday look, glitter eyeliner is a good finisher that will tie the look together. A waterproof one would a be a plus!
9 . Mascara – Mascara always brings the lashes back to life. Even if I don’t wear too much eyeshadow in a day, with the magic of mascara, I would always be ready to go. How can we forget this in a glammed-up look then?

10. Blush on – At this point, the face would look plain and pale without added color. This one promises a subtle hint of color on the cheeks. So I really would love to see it work.
11. Contour –  When I need a subtle definition on the face, a contour will give me the answer. This set provides a complete package for doing just that.
12. Long-Lasting Lip Color – I’ve always had the struggle of finding the right matte, long-lasting lip color for me. When I read the reviews about this lip color, I simply would love to try it!
13. Finishing / Setting Spray – When everything is placed, and I’m about to head out, I make sure I spray a good amount of setting spray to keep the makeup intact. Powder would make my face look cakey at the end of the day, so I have long switched to setting spray like this one.
And there you go, a special beauty wishlist that I definitely would love to try this holiday to achieve my go-to glammed up look.
Please take note that I don’t necessarily recommend this to everyone since this are the choices I picked for my particular skin type, which is oily-combination skin. And besides, these are all too pricey for me, so there’s a reason why this is a wishlist.
Additionally, these selections had been thoroughly hand-picked by me with my skin type and tone in mind, following the products with high positive reviews to make sure I could have the correct and safe product in case someone would try  to give me one of these this Holiday! . 🙂
If you do intend to look for your own glammed-up makeup picks, Shop more make-up products at Sephora.ph here.

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