Have you ever felt that weird sensation when you were dreaming of something so wonderful you felt like you’re a part of it, and suddenly you were awakened by the ringing of a cellphone and then you couldn’t get back to that wonderful dream you hoped you lived in?

Well it just happened to me again. Don’t feel bad about texting me my friend, I was supposed to be awake by that time anyway.

It’s distracting how a simple dream could change your mood for the day. One day you’re contented with your life and the next, it’s as if you’ve been deprived of everything you ever have.

That dream was not the life I’m intending to live. Yes, it was a good dream. A dream every girl would want to have. A dream too perfect for my own living and it simply scares me now. It’s just a dream, and it will remain a dream forever. But why is it pestering me even until now?

It’s all in the brain, I know. If I could only take my head off, put it under a heavy, running water, scrub it with soap and make it look completely brand new with no spot of the past to mar its sheen.

But no, I obviously I cannot do that.

The past is there to either hunt me and destroy me down – or remind me of my wrongs and make to determined to go on in life.

It’s the same for everyone else and it’s only a matter of choice.

Anyway, that dream has been stowed away to my deepest subconciousness again. If ever it will come back, I’ll just take as it as it is, a dream.

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