Over the past days, I’ve been burned down with some tasks that I had to accomplish for a living. It happened quite unexpectedly but not that undecidedly.
Handling a small business without any formal background can be quite toxic. Over the last few days, my sister and I have been juggling between searching for possible suppliers and fixing the legal papers for the business. Aside from that, there are a few people to be trained for the job they are assigned to do and more finishing touches to the shop which has to be done.

Even until now, I can’t express how much I have been touched by the people who are willing to help us. I feel so grateful for the people who offered (and are still offering) so much help, either by suggestions, rendering opinions, or actual manual labor for even the tiniest jobs.

There are still so much to do, and I am amazed how God is still giving us the strength, not to mention the financial support that we need to run this small business. I’ve been sick already, I have felt weak and abandoned already, I have felt that I could not do anything more than stare at the computer and be mentally blank. Nevertheless, God is still a merciful God for giving me the right understanding, the right support, the people to meet to bring me back to the reality of what I am supposed to do.
Although there has been hard times already, seeing one of my dreams come to life is a big sigh of relief to my being now. I believe that this is just the beginning. There will be more challenges in the future.

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And as I enter this new chapter in my life, I know I will be seeing more of God’s miraculous work in this life He has given me.

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