I woke up this morning feeling like a sore throat was coming out. And when I went downstairs to get my breakfast, I noticed my mom wasn’t feel quite good as well.

So, as I was planning yesterday, I asked my mom and dad if we could go get a massage somewhere.

My dad, having quite a healthy addiction to massages as I do, instantly perked up and agreed that perhaps that’s what my mom needs.

And so to the massage we went, dad, mom, me and my lil’ sister – who is, by the way, not little anymore, since she’s pretty much taller than me now.

It went so wonderfully well, as usual. It was relaxing, although, my back is totally aching right now. Because I requested for a hard massage. And a hard massage for 2 hours, could be a little bit too much, don’t you think?

They say that 1-hour massage is the recommended time span for massaging. However, in the case of me and my dad, 1-hour is really not that satisfying. In anyways, I’m aching right now, but in the good way.

So, yes, we did have a 2-hour massage. And, I’d stop complaining on that note because getting a massage has always been one of my go-to de-stressing routine ever since I realized the benefits of it and how relaxing it could be.

This is one of the things I want to be thankful for. Thank God for whoever invented or discovered massages! I guess that’s one part of how great a creation God made us, that in a simple pressure applied to a certain part of the body, certain relief could be felt immediately. There are plenty of things a massage therapy could do to a body, like relief to muscle tension, insomnia, headaches, sports injuries, and even cancer, they say. It helps by reducing or eliminating pain, improving circulation and the immune system function, increasing lymphatic drainage, and so much more. (1)

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For me, it’s a 2-in-1 deal. The health benefits of it and the feel-good indulgence. 

I know it’s absurd to have a relaxation moment in a MONDAY – the supposedly back-to-work day. But that’s how my life goes, I guess. Totally backwards… Smile
Still, for me, massages are heaven-sent! :Smile

(1) Registered Massage Therapists’ Association of Ontario

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