Here are some back logs from my previous trip to Shanghai China.

For a little back story about this, my sister and I decided to take a short vacation from work and attend a friend’s wedding in Shanghai, China. We wanted to be a little early so that we could have time to visit other places and navigate the country all by ourselves. And we did. Here’s how it went…

Oct 11, 2014

Shanghai China

We just got back from a tiring but albeit fun trip here in Shanghai China with my little sis as the ‘ultimate’ guide.

Travelling without parents could be so much fun, if one could only enjoy the independence and freedom that it brings. Although there wouldn’t be anyone to answer for the food and the transportation and the little things that parents worry about for their kids, the kind of feeling that being on your own brings is a lot more exciting and thrilling, specially with travel savvy kids like us. 

There are lots of perks, of course. We could enter any store that we want without the impatient growl of an annoyed parent waiting outside. We could buy any street foods that we want without the cajoling presence of a parent concerned about whether its clean or not. We could enter and roam at a certain place within the convenience of our own time.

I could go on and on about that, but I don’t mean that in a negative way. In fact I do miss them in this trip but given the situation now, I would rather enjoy the moment. than sulk my way back home. 

We went to Yuyuan Garden via the metro. Could you believe that? Just the two of us. Without any Chinese to help us with translation. 🙂

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