Nothing really overwhelming happened today, since I was just busy with my normal routines. But one thing really stood out throughout my whole day was the statement that I read in a book along side my daily Bible reading and devotion.
It says, ‘’Even when you cannot see how God is using you, be faithful to Him and trust that He is working through your efforts.”

It just really struck me to be so true in my life. To be honest, there are plenty of times that I could not see how God could use a sinner like me for His own work. There are times that I literally don’t know what to do the next day, and its dreadfully confusing.

Coming from an average middle class family, I do have that tendency to do things and make a decision in a mediocre way. I am inclined to think that everything will be ok even if I don’t do anything truly special. I am prone to the thought that my family will always be there physically, financially, emotionally in all aspects of my life if something amiss happens to me.

And that kind of thinking blocks me from the reality of life, that somehow sometime in the near future, I would have to stand on my own, defend my own opinion and be responsible in whatever I do, say or think. It also hinders me from trusting in God for my everything since almost every single part of my life is handled with care by my parents.

On top of that, oftentimes, I see myself so skill-less, dumb, and really ignorant of what I am suppose to do. I like to do things on the behind-the-scene level and, most of the time, I feel that I am usually ignored.

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Maybe it’s me, but I don’t really know…

So, with what I have and what I know, I just do my thing. I do what they want me to do and simply follow directions and orders from people superior to me. Praying and hoping that somehow what I do would be a blessing to them.

That’s why, I thank God for this little devotions that He allows me to have. Even though, I am not faithful to Him in doing this simple thing, when it happens, He shows and directs me to the path and things I should be doing in my life. I might stumble, I might get hurt, but still – the enlightenment that comes in reading His Words is more than what I could ask for as I live here in this crazy world.

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