New Year celebration is over. Thankfully, so.

And I’m a little flabbergasted by the fact that I’m kind of at peace with my current situation. I think it was for the better that we cooled off just before new year. In this case, I’d be able to concentrate on the stuff that I have to do as a single individual.

I tell you, there is a lot to be expected of me this year. I have a lot more of expectations for myself as well.

I mean to do them all. I mean to be serious with my life now. With everything I’ve been through, I think God has prepared me well for my life ahead.

I’m missing you truly. And I know that you know, I’ll always wait for you until that day you declare that I stop waiting..

But as for now, my life is mine.. and for Christ alone.

This time, I’m finally understanding what it means give everything to Him. And that’s probably what’s giving me peace and quietness within.
I can therefore say that I’m happy with where and who I am right now..

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