I finally see myself and my life falling into pieces.

After twenty-three years of searching and looking for something to fill-up my time, I finally understand what God really wants for me in this life.

I’ve made a lot of thinking. And looking back, I’ve learned that patience is one my key virtue. It takes A LOT of patience to be with people you normally wouldn’t hang out with. It takes A LOT of patience to deal with their attitude and character especially when it comes to difficult matters. It takes A LOT of patience to give them what they want when you really don’t want to share at all. It takes A LOT of patience to deal with their murmurs and negative comments when all you need are positive remarks.

But through it all, it just made me stronger, both mentally and emotionally. I’ve learned to control myself despite everything. And through it all, I’ve seen nothing but good results. I’ve learned from them and they’ve learned from me. That’s more than I could be grateful for.

I’m so happy. Step by step, God is unfolding everything in front of me. All I need to do is distinguish what’s really for me and I’m good to go..

Thanks to God for everything!

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