Earlier this month, I received a referral from a friend to go and be her replacement in a job. Initially, I thought it was about a simple job but then I found out that it’s mostly a marketing job – in which I never had any professional experience.
And just today, I received another job invitation from a previous company, asking me to apply right now since the position is totally urgent. The HR, by the way, was a former colleague of mine so it was so easy for her to literally beg me for it. 

So this day, I want to thank God for people who trust and believes in my simple abilities. Those who think that I could do so much, is just so overwhelming to know – because I know for myself that I wouldn’t be who I am today without God who is working in my life.

There are times that I dream of going somewhere where nobody knows me and my past. That way, I could easily build another life of my own without the fear of my previous mistakes haunting me.
But then, I realized , if that would be so, people would look at me differently. It would be another start of finding my own identity again and proving who I am to people who could care less.
Which would be terrifying and stressful all over again, I believe.

So it’s really a blessing to have friends – whatever level they could be, from acquaintances to very close dear friends – who knows your God–given skills and willing to refer you to whoever needs it the most and challenging you the small special way.

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