Although I cannot say that I am a frequent traveler, I do have my fair share of traveling and visiting beautiful places around the world. I must say, too, that despite having an adventurous family, I personally much prefer to stay and be comfortable in a particular place rather than roaming around unexplored corners.

Unlike my little sister, who is of course, so opposite me, I prefer staycations and just hanging around the hotel or the place where we stay during our family vacations. Some people might find this weird, but rushing from places to places is not typically a ‘vacation’ but more like a ‘tour.’ So given a chance to just stay in the room and relax all day, I would definitely take that.

With that said, some might wonder what things are there to do during a staycation. There are so many I could think of, and these are just some of things I like doing when I do get the chance for a staycation.

  • Find a Nook and Read a Book. This is one of my favorite past-time, and I’m sure a lot of us can relate to that. Unplug from your social media networks, find that special place or nook where you can easily daydream and take time off to just sit and indulge in a good book. I’m sure you’ll instantly feel relaxed and rested in no time.
  • Cozy Down and See What’s Up. There’s really no escaping the fact that cozying up to your favorite movie or tv show is seriously the best time killer of all time and it’s also a good way to wind down from a tiring trip or gala. Doing this with your special someone, or with family and close friends is a plus for that perfect de-stressing moment.
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  • Bring your Craft out. If you have crafting hobby, like crocheting or knitting, a staycation is the best time to bring it out and finish that scarf you’ve been working on. There’s something about doing your hobby away from home and in a different environment that takes your mind off the pressing matters of life. Besides, it’s fun and productive at the same time.
  • Walk around the Vicinity. Now, if you can’t find anything else to do, it’s just right to walk around the vicinity of your hotel and look for interesting views out there. It won’t be tiring since it would just be a few steps away from your room. I’m sure wherever you’ll be staying, there would be a lovely scenery to look upon and are worth Instagramming for.
  • Snap Shot It. Talking about pictures, it’s never wrong to take a photo of that beautiful nature backdrop. Now is the chance to take hundreds of selfies, ootdsgroupies, or nature-shots you’ve been dying to Instagram. Don’t be shy about it even if people starts to stare at you like you’re a stupid dork because, in the end, they will be the ones to start to envy you for your beautifully prepared social media feeds. 
  • Journal It. In light with taking photos of the scenery, it’s also a mind-relaxing activity to write your experiences down in a notebook or a piece of paper. Studies show that writing down your thoughts could reduce stress and help solve problems or anxiety that has been accumulating in your brain. So why not ignore that insecurity of seeing your messy handwriting and just write your thoughts and emotions out and feel the relief that comes after it?
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  • Sleep It Off. If all else fail, there’s always some room for a little more sleep. I think this is totally a no-brainer for us. 

Now you know what things keep me busy while staying the hotel room all day. Nope, a staycation is not boring and dull. I must say, it is totally relaxing. After taking the time to do all this in your next staycation, I’m sure you’ll be totally relaxed and rejuvenated and be ready to conquer the next adventures of your life.

What about you? Would you mind sharing your favorite staycation hobby down below so maybe I could try it out as well?

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