I seem to get tired of everything so easily lately.

I got tired of my clothes – I gave half of them away.

I got tired of my old bags – I gave almost all of them away.

I got tired of my old shoes – I gave them away.

And now..

I’m getting tired of the people around me – should I give them away? Of course not. Stupid.

I’m getting tired of what I’m doing for a living – should I give it up this early? They say ‘quitting is never an option’ but sometimes one can’t help to be so bored and tired especially when what you are doing is not so normal to you. True – you have to persistent but who knows how long you can hold on to that..?

I’m tired of waking up early in the morning, not know what to do next.

I’m tired of making people happy when I myself feels so lost and alone sometimes.

I’m tired of giving to people when no one else seems to give back to me.

I’m tired of being someone I’m really not, but that’s where the challenges in my life comes. Even if I get tired of everything I’m doing right now, it’s only becoming more and more challenging.

My life is totally different now. Perhaps a great part of maturing. And I’m finally realizing that the more information I get into my head, the more responsibilities I have to take and the more maturing I have to make.

So, it might seem to be tiring at times, but these things that I have now brings more to me than downsides. It gives me more courage to step forward the next day and go on – after all, life is short to be taken for granted.

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