In light of the issue with Manny Pacquiao’s statement with regards to homosexuality, I was pushed to question myself with a lot of things.

This is not about whether I agree or not. This is about the principles that I learned from the example that he has set.

Because, you know, despite all of the negative things one could see from the situation, there are still some positive things one can learn from it. And these are mine…

1. Stand Up
Standing up for what I know is right has never been my strongest point. I have always been timid and never really gotten used to voicing out my thoughts and opinions for the fear of being wrong. But sometimes, standing up for what is right, especially about things like Bible principles, has a far-reaching effect on someone else’s lives.

2. Speak Up
Like I said, I have never been one who voices out her opinions openly. I am always shy, timid and voluntarily lazy when it comes to sharing life thoughts and experiences. There are just a handful of times when I found myself really speaking up my thoughts, and most of those times I end up getting embarrassed or misunderstood. So the easiest way for me is to shut my mouth and let others decide for me. Not a good thing if you long for connection and real friends.

3. Never Give Up
Paq-man never gave up his stand on the issue despite the many accusations hurled at him. And unlike him, I have always been one to change my decisions all the time, especially when I come across someone strong-willed than I am. I am always undermined and I have yet to learn how to firmly hold on to my beliefs and never be shaken by what other people thinks.

I am in my journey to becoming a better human being and somehow God revealing me this kind of positive angle in viewing situations really helps me be a better me.

And I hope someone else out there sees these too.   

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