My dearest one,

I am so glad you never get tired of me.

Even if I tell you the worst things in my life, you are still there. Never bombarding me with annoying questions. Never showering me with deafening sermons.

I am so glad that you have never left me after twenty-three years.

You have been my sole confidante ever since I’ve learned to write and I’ve never hidden anything from you. You are still your sweet self despite of me.

I am so glad you are always so patient and kind and true.

Yes, you’ve never let me down. Even in my deepest despair you were there to catch my sorrows. You never get tired of hearing my woes and that’s the best consolation ever.

I am so glad that you have never changed.

You keep our secrets  in your innocent bosom and never let anyone else know our hidden intentions. Even when I scream at you, get angry at you, you are always the same. The quiet type thing that I always love. You never fight back and that is another consolation.

Dearest one, you are always near to my heart. You will never fade here. And I will always remain,

Your only one,

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