It was where it all started.

I’ve always had this urge to always get a fresh page of paper so I could write something.


Yes, I am a notebook collector. I always get that feeling that I could fill it up with words swirling in my head.

But if I’m left unperturbed, the notebooks would just be stacked in a corner, pieces of paper collecting dust.

Paper – no matter how stationary they are – is a powerful tool if used the right way.

As they say, dreams may start to become a reality once you begin writing them down – on a piece of paper.

Everyone can write down their plans and ideas on a sheet of paper to help them figure out what they really want.

Artist draws their visions, mostly on a piece of paper, to create a beautiful masterpiece that the rest of us can admire.

Writers write their story, initially on a piece of paper – ideas scrambled together, to form a coherent impartation of their thoughts.

You don’t necessarily have to have an extravagant weapon to fight a war.  Words perfectly strung together in a piece of paper can defeat even the most difficult of an enemy.

Our digital age cannot put down the power of a sheet of paper. A lot of people still prefer to go offline when brainstorming ideas because writing them all down on an actual piece of paper is far more satisfying than just encoding them on the computer where it can easily be deleted.

It is not different for me. As a self-proclaimed notebook addict, the paper has become my powerful tool of self-expression.

So, you see. It was in a paper where it all started- blogging may be the modern way of sharing and expression but behind the screen is a soul who first poured down her thoughts on a blank piece of paper.

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Have you underestimated the power of paper recently? I hope not.

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