If you’re one like me who strives to choose the right and beautiful in life, then you are definitely in the right place. If you’re like me…..

  • who has a penchant for unique and affordable travel destinations,
  • who strive to achieve a healthy and balanced lifestyle, 
  • who get sucked in into the day-dreamable life of novels and other books, 
  • who (sometimes) delve into the glam life of beauty and fashion and 
  • who tinker with stuff like sewing, knitting, and crocheting 

then you are my #kindredspirit!

What jenamaen.com is All About

jenamaen.com was once created as “Silent Intentions” way back the early 2000s, with no real goal but to share the whimsical thoughts of a day-dreamer. But early 2017, I have rebranded it as so to reflect who I am now in real life,  a person – like you – with real choices to face and practical decisions to make. It has become a portal of possibilities that I never knew existed for me. 

jenamaen.com is a a travel and lifestyle blog where I share unique travel destinations I have seen with my family and special someone, distinctive novels, and other books I have read, beauty products, and fashion innuendos I have tried and tested, and quirky handcrafted sewn, knitted, and crocheted stuff I have created. 

The main goal of this site is to encourage everyone to share their voice with the world. You might be one who doesn’t know yet what you want or someone who has everything in life but can’t focus on one direction in life. Blogging doesn’t have to be locked in a specific niche. Blogging can be your life and I’m here to share with you how to make blogging a web-approved and people-followed blog!

jenamaen.com is a lifestyle blog of an intricate mind. This blog is dedicated to those individuals like me who, once upon a time, never knew what she wanted in life but when life happens she lives to tell about it. This is for those who battle with the thought that your voice is useless and will not be appreciated.  You are loved and you are blessed wherever you are. You are not alone. 

Throughout its journey, jenamaen.com has been featured in notable websites like Writer’s DigestFeedspot, and was granted all-expense trips by companies such as Travelbook.ph.

Who Am I?

I am an IT-graduate turned entrepreneur turned blogger who never stops looking for the best in life. I am a work in progress as evident in this blog. My daily routine is never the same, but I found out that my interest revolves around what I have in this blog. I adhere to the truth that no one else could write my own story better than me.

I was once that person who never knew what she wanted in life because there were just so many options out there. But as I grew older and wiser, I am realizing that whatever life throws at you, grab it and let it turn you to a better you. 

Aside from what’s here, I am also a notebook hoarder, a tea lover, a trying-hard baker, and a happy, content wife to my husband. We currently reside in New Jersey after my move to the Americas under Fiance K1 Visa. Read my story here – My K1 Visa Experience and 13 Helpful Tips to Through it. 

Follow me as I navigate life and let us see together what my choices would make me be.

Collabs and Sponsorships, Please?

For Collaborations and Sponsorship, please email me at contact@jenamaen.com

Let’s Connect

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