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How LadyBossBlogger Helped Me Open Up to More Blogging Opportunities

LadyBossBlogger is really a blogging boss and she definitely helped open my eyes to more blogging opportunities through her course “How to Make Money Blogging” A few weeks have passed after I published a post about collaborating with Ms. Elaine Rau, of about her ‘How to Make Money Blogging‘ course. Since then, I started …

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How to Start A Money-Making Blog with LadyBossBlogger by Elaine Rau + Giveaway

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably interested in finding more ways to earn money online and be your own boss. Blogging could be one of these ways which is what I am learning from Elaine Rau’s course called How To Start A Money-Making Blog! I’m truly inspired by her story of how she started …

Simplicity S8945 Pattern Tips & Tricks with MoodFabrics

Simplicity S8945 Pattern Tips & Tricks with MoodFabrics

I’m excited to be working with in creating this dress with Simplicity Pattern S8945. Although I made the whole thing, the fabrics came sponsored by as being part of Mood Sewing Network this month. Fabric The fabric I chose for this month is a Mood Designer Fabric brand digitally printed in 94% Polyester …