Don’t Know How To Start?

Join me in exploring life as a lifestyle blogger. Throughout my journey, I’ve encountered people who said ‘lifestyle’ blogging is not a niche. And you might have happened to stop by because you struggle to find your niche too.

Whether you’re working a full-time desk job with minimal vacation time, in a location-dependent relationship, paying off student loans, or just fearing the unknown, need not worry. I’ll show you how to explore the globe and enrich your life with unique local encounters, all while lifestyle blogging.

The main goal of this site is to encourage everyone to share their voice with the world. You might be one who doesn’t know yet what you want or someone who has everything in life but can’t focus on one direction in life. Blogging doesn’t have to be locked in a specific niche. Blogging can be your life and I’m here to share with you how to make blogging a web-approved and people-followed blog!

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