I’m excited to be working with Moodfabics.com in creating this dress with Simplicity Pattern S8945. Although I made the whole thing, the fabrics came sponsored by MoodFabrics.com as being part of Mood Sewing Network this month.


The fabric I chose for this month is a Mood Designer Fabric brand digitally printed in 94% Polyester and 6% Elastane fabric, hence the slightly heavy and drapey look. The fabric is feels so good

Pattern: Simplicity S8945

I am all about trying out different sleeve design right now and this Simplicity S8945 sewing pattern struck my fancy. This pattern features a dropped shoulder, puffed sleeves design, which gives it a fashion-forward look. The skirt length is a perfect cut for Petites.

Design A caught my eye and without any sampling on muslin or cheaper fabrics, I went ahead and made the cut!

Tips & Tricks

  • This pattern is labeled ‘Fit for Petite’.
  • It comes with 4 designs to choose from. I chose design A but the sleeves were made using design B.
  • Yes, there are 2 sleeve lengths for this, but the design comes in 1 pattern piece. Keep that in mind so you won’t mess up the design.
  • With that said, you might still have to adjust the length of the sleeves depending on the measurements of your forearms, if you want it to look exactly like what the model is wearing.
  • For ladies with a small torso like me, follow the markings for adjustments around the back and front bodice waist and you will be ok.
  • In my opinion, this pattern is perfect for drapey fabrics that this one, to get that flowy appeal.
  • Slight precision on the curves on the neckline while sewing to keep the design as it supposed to be.
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Level of Difficulty: Easy

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