It’s an understatement to say that we are all itching to get away in a pandemic stricken society and try some food you miss. And it’s a lot more acquisitive to a Filipino living abroad longing to go back to their families in the provinces and experience tropical living all over again.

I must admit, I miss a lot of Filipino foods. And living in a four-season country deprived me of a lot of the tropical food goodness I have taken for granted for the past 30 years of living in the Philippines.

With that said, here’s a list of foods that I love and are a MUST-TRY for everyone looking to travel to the Philippines during or after this pandemic.

1 .Bulalo

My parents may never have been a native of Batangas but I was born and raised in Batangas. And one dish that always has been a favorite in the family is Bulalo. It’s a very simple dish of beef shank with salt, black pepper, and fish sauce to taste with added vegetables – some add corn, Chinese pechay, cabbage, and potatoes. But the thing that my sister and I would always fight for would be the bone marrow. Once the meat is cooked to its finest, the bone marrow would taste really nice and melts in the mouth. We would always divide it in exact proportion so everybody would have approximately the same amount. Of course, when no one looks, I would steal the biggest portions. Sorry family. 🙂

2. Mango

3. Barako Coffee

Photo from Kapeng Barako Ph

I have confession. Yes, I grew up in Batangas, but I have never been a coffee drinker. But if you’re a coffee drinker, I totally recommend trying the Barako Coffee that is the staple product of Batangas. So many of my friends and relatives swear by the taste and quality of this coffee. And you will never regret trying it! In fact, I bet you’ll probably get some more as souvenirs for you to take home.

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If there are some places in Batangas/Tagaytay area that I would like to try again someday, it would be the following.

Balay Dako

Photo from Balay Dako

Before I left the Philippines for good, I had the chance to eat at this place with my family. And I must say, they probably have the best Bulalo I have ever tried. Aside from the fancy set up, the service was exquisite and the view was spectacular.

Sonya’s Garden

Another place we have visited before I left. It has this ethereal garden setting that is the perfect background for Instagram photos. Although we only stopped here to check the place out and get some breads and goodies, the atmosphere of the place itself is good enough to relax and unwind.

Bag of Beans – Tagaytay


I guess living away from home this past three years had made me realize how much I miss home – the food and the company. If I have the means and resources I would probably be going there more often than necessary. I guess, for now, memories would have to be sufficient enough.

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