Why Hello, Love, Goodbye Clicked

Why Hello, Love, Goodbye Clicked

Spoiler Alert!! – A story about two strangers, both working as an OFW in Hong Kong, who fought through the odds and challenges of working in a ‘transient’ country where nothing seems to be permanent. In the lives of these people, Hongkong is merely a stepping stone to a brighter future, to a greener pasture.

It’s more than the story of Joy working her butt off to provide for her family, her desire to bring them to a better in a better country. It’s more than the struggles and sacrifices she has to make to fulfill a role for her loved ones back home in the Philippines.

It’s more than the frolicking personality of Ethan who squandered his opportunity, the life he finally realized he had to rebuild so he wouldn’t be a burden to his family anymore.

It’s more than the story of two strangers falling in love in the right place, right time, but wrong circumstances.

It’s more than a story that shows the intensity of Filipino ideals as they strive for a better life, regardless of the problematic situations they would have to go through.

Joy, for instance, reminds me of most of my colleagues who are in different countries and places working and taking on the role of sole provider for their own families.

Ethan reminds me of me in some ways – not the squandering life part but the fact that, at his age, he still didn’t know what he wants with his life – until he met Joy.

Joy never cared for love (perhaps after a previous heartbreak) until she met Ethan who made her realize that she doesn’t have to forget her own love life while working for her family and who supported her through all her struggles.

As if the bitterness of life is not yet enough, they had to part ways and live miles apart from each other even though they have learned to love and care for each other deeply.

It’s more than their story. Because in reality, this is my story…and yours.

Some places we stay in forever, some places are mere stopovers. Just like Hongkong. And like people, there are some who just pass us by, while there are some who stay and change you…forever.

Translated from Joy’s Voiceover on the Movie Trailer


I never had the life of an OFW family. I may never have experienced their struggles and sacrifices and the consequences of the choices they made. But I have people in my life who continually widens my view and shows me the reality of life. Some passed by, some shared their stories, and thus made a huge impact on my perception of life. Some give out a much deeper connection because of the mutual experiences we had together. 

And there’s always that special someone who made a great impression on my life and heart that changed the course of my existence permanently. We may never have ended together but my whole being would be totally different if it weren’t for what we have gone through. It if weren’t for that person, I wouldn’t have a story to share. 

So, for me, this movie is basically an ode to those people who made a lasting impact on our own lives.  That’s why it clicked with so many people. It’s more than Joy’s and Ethan’s story. It’s the story of our lives.

Comment below what you think is the best part of the movie!

Why Hello, Love, Goodbye Clicked
Why Hello, Love, Goodbye Clicked

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