Props Tools and Cosmetics: 20-pcs Brush Set

This is my very first review at ph.makeupandbeauty.com. I should have posted this first, but its fine.:)

Hi Everyone! Hope you are all enjoying your new year so far!

As my first review this year, I’m going to start off with the makeup tools that I recently got from Props Tools and Cosmetics.

Before divulging my money into these brushes, I was attracted to a different set of brushes that have the same cute, pink packaging. Those brushes are sold individually and when I looked at the prices, they are kind of expensive for my liking.

So when I found out these set of brushes for Props Tools and Cosmetics, I was more that ecstatic and immediately purchased it.

This company was founded two years ago with the vision of bringing quality products to the Philippines. I have tried out a palette from them and it worked really well so I thought of buying some brushes from them too.

I was so excited upon receiving my own set of 20-piece brush set that came in a cute pink brush roll that is, in my opinion, a little too cute and girly than the tradition black-red or black-white color combo.

As you can see here, the 20-piece brush set comes with the most useful eyeshadow brushes as well as the fan brush, powder brush and blush brush that are all made from natural goat’s hair. They pick up color pigments well enough to be blended seamlessly on the skin.
The other brushes, like the stippling brush, foundation/concealer brush, eyeliner brushes come in handy with their synthetic bristles which are good for picking up moist or cream products.
This set of brushes is a good option for ladies out there looking for handy but affordable brush sets in the market. Compare to expensive brands, I guess this is a nice a bet.
I got my own set of these brushes four to five months back but I only started using it a few weeks ago. So far it has gone to two or three washes already and still pretty functional. The first time I got this I immediately opened it and I could smell the pungent odor of the whole thing, evidence of its out-of-the-factory good condition. With that, I needed to clean it thoroughly to get rid of that smell.
There are things I noticed, though, after a couple of washes. The natural-goat-hair bristles still had that smell if not thoroughly dried out. The other thing is that the natural-goat-hair brushes tend to fray out causing it to be less effective in picking up color pigments and blending easily on the skin.
Other than that, I recommend this set of brushes to anyone who is looking for a good buy. These brushes can be bought online through their Facebook page or Multiply page, making it easy for those loyal online buyers and for those who would not want to leave their houses for just a set of brushes. They also have a store in Manila so it could be visible to the public easily.

Things that I like about this set:
– Its cute pink packaging makes it so girly and fun enough for my liking
– Its handy and small enough to be carried around in my suitcase, really suitable for my travelling lifestyle
– The bristles pick up products good enough and make it blend seamlessly on the skin.
– Can be bought online without the hassle of going out of the house just to get a set.

Things that I dislike about this set:
– The bristles, especially the natural-goat-hair ones, tend to fray out if not dried off in a proper position.
– The smell, when not dried off completely, is a bit disappointingly gross, specifically for the natural-goat hair ones.

This brush set is so handy. You can bring it anywhere and achieve that desirable look that you want anywhere you go with this cute brush set. Just make sure it doesn’t get wet along the way.

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