Sunday Dinner Out Series Episode 1: Army Navy Burger & Burritos–Lipa Branch

There’s one thing that I like every Sunday. Aside from the spiritual food that I’m getting from the sermons and preachings, there is also a dinner out that we often do every Sunday evening.
We take this time to have a family bonding and try out different food and restaurants as well. Just a typical ‘family day’.
Last Sunday, dated Sept.  29, 2013, we headed out to Army Navy – Lipa Branch
If you don’t know Army Navy yet..well, what part of town are you living in  anyway?
Seriously, Army Navy is a must-try diner.  It’s  Quonset hut inspired building is a an attraction enough both to military and civilian people. It’s food is American-Mexican style. What with the spicy French fries and burgers and burritos served, this is a real yummy deal for people who likes spices. And burritos. And tacos.
Anyway, let’s proceed to the snapshots I’ve got. And of course, I recommend that you try this selections as well.
Guys, I am NOT kidding! You must try try this!! The best fried chicken I’ve tried so far! They marinated it into something magical and it just tastes marvelous! Seriously, I think that is even an understatement.  No wonder its called the FEARLESS FRIED CHICKEN.
Now this one here, is NOT  called French Fries.  It’s actually called the FREEDOM FRIES.  I don’t have any idea why they named it like that but I guess it was because of the taste of it. My friend recommended it to me but during my first bite, I know I’m not gonna be best friends with  it. It’s so spicy to be honest – at least for my own taste buds. But if my little nephew could take it, why  can’t you? Especially those who are obsessed with hot and spicy stuff.
This was the one that I got for my dinner that time. It’s called the CRUNCHY TACOS. I got the double edition. It’s really good, and I can’t say anything bad about it, since I ate it all – minus a little bit of its onion content.
This looks delicious right?! Well, you won’t get wrong with it. It’s called the STARVING SAILOR. I guess they never got that one wrong. It’s kinda big in real life  for a small lady with a small stomach like me. But I guess that only happens when you already ate a couple of FEARLESS FRIED CHICKEN with rice. And oh, that wasn’t me ok? Just to be clear – that was my sister’s order.
And of course, you shall never leave your seat without a glass of something to drink, right? In this case, it was a paper cup, since using plastic has been banned in this area already. This one is called LIBERTEA. It’s a brewed tea mixture that taste..really..like iced tea. Nothing really special for me since I’ve tasted some that are better.  But yeah, that was what I got for my beverage.
Overall, it’s a really good diner for me. With their very simple motto, Come in Hungry, Walk out Happy, I think one could easily say that its really a Mission Accomplished.
That ends my snapshots for now. But of course, they have a lot more in their menu. If you want to know more about it this place, here are the details.
Ayala Highway, Lipa City

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