5 Budget-Friendly, Last-Minute Date Ideas

Christmas may be over, but the season of giving never ends. This time of the year is perfect for creating more memorable moments with your family and loved ones before the year ends. But we all know it’s never the time to spend more than we can. Christmas festivities are all over, and we don’t want to break the bank in treating our loved ones in a last-minute date night with these creative date ideas.

So why not consider these easy-to-do activities that ensure you and your family, friends or loved ones are treated to a special day or night, without costing too much money?

Use off the vouchers/coupons that you have accumulated throughout the year.

Yes, I am guilty of collecting many coupons and vouchers with the intention of using them someday – but I never did. This is the perfect moment to use some of it. After all, if you think you can’t use them for yourself alone anyway, why not share it with someone else? May it be a discounted trip to an event in the city or a discount coupon for an online shop – it still counts as giving.

DIY your own Escape Room Date Night.

Instead of decorating a room for a romantic date night, why not switch it up a bit and DIY a room into something that the whole family could enjoy. An ‘Escape Room’ inspired game could be the perfect idea for this. I found an excellent site where you can download the templates of the game (here), print it out, and you’re on your way to an adventurous night with the whole gang.

Rent a Car and Drive Away.

I am excited by the idea of renting a car directly from the motor vehicle owned by the special car-renting app from It gives you a listing of cars available in a particular area, and you can contact the owner directly if you want to rent. It’s much like AirBnB but for cars. They have an option for a ‘Free Delivery’ which is convenient for a personalized transaction. Insurance is not a problem either. I find that it is way cheaper than renting a car from a traditional rental agency. So if you’re planning to take your special someone for a day out in a roadtrip and need a particular kind of car, this is worth trying out. Another cool thing is, if you sign up now using this link, you will instantly get 25% off your first rent. This way, you could save a lot of money for a single night out driving off with the loved one. Perfect, right?  (This is a good option if you’re living in the US.)

Rent your car and use the money for a local getaway.

Now, if you live in the Philippines where renting a car directly from the owner is still not a big thing, why not be inspired with the option #3 and have your own car rented to a family member or friends first (of course, we don’t want strangers yet, but why not?)? Set up your policy and, in return, you can use the money for a local getaway with your special someone. (Try Mountain Lake Resort if you can’t think of a perfect place yet.)

Stay at home and have a movie night.

If all else fails, nothing beats a good night together, just cuddling and talking – with a good movie to watch. It doesn’t cost much at all especially if you already have Netflix, Iflix, or cable TV at hand. Those moments we spend with our loved ones just talking and laughing together are always the most treasured of all activities – and one that carries out through the new years to come.


You see, if we could be creative enough, there are plenty of ways to have fun but not break the bank.  There are always more creative date ideas around there, but these will surely kick the gears going in terms of your date nights with that special someone.

Let me know if you’ve tried any of these. And if you have other fun, inexpensive ways to have date nights with loved ones, let me know in the comment section below! I would so love to hear what you have to say!

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