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It’s almost February again and this time around my month would be different.

I’m still trying to wrap my fingers around the fact that I’m not single anymore and all actions I have to do have to be on par with what my partner-in-life wants. When I say I want to stay at home and just cozy up for the coming Valentine’s Day – because the winter here is killing me, of course, he has something else in mind.

But rather than going head to head with people on those dates, we decided to celebrate that day in advance, because why not? Besides, it would be a lot easier and cheaper for us knowing that rates of hotels and resorts would shoot up during the week of Valentine’s Day.

Initially, I was the one who was supposed to come up with the place since he was busy with work. But my husband being himself, came across this romantic-looking resort that seems to satisfy what we need and have in mind.

What the Hype is All About

We chose Cove Haven Entertainment Resort. Cove Haven, part of a 3- Couples-Only Resorts in the Poconos, is located on the shores of Lake Wallenpaupack and has 225 suites, two restaurants, three bars, the Champagne Palace Nightclub, a Spa house, and a Sports/Game zone  – all perfect for any entertainment of the couples’  choice.

Round, Coliseum Architectural Style of Garden of Eden Suites made it perfect for all the facilities inside to fit. Windowless rooms were for added privacy.

Cove Haven is a four-season resort – meaning, they are open all year round and offer a variety of activities all season long. Since it’s winter right now, they offer outdoor ice skating, snow tubing, and snowshoeing. For the rest of the season, they have outdoor recreation like golf, tennis, speed boat rides, pedal boats, nature trail walks, and nearby horseback riding.

Cove Haven Resort was first popularized by Morris Wilkins back in 1968 with his first-ever heart-shaped bathtub. It was then that northeastern Pennsylvania mountains would be dubbed the ‘Land of love’ in the US, a popular destination for honeymooners and lovers alike.

The Heart-Shaped Whirlpool Bathtub with Surrounding Mirrors.

Unfortunately, Mr. Wilkins failed to win the patent for the said bathtub, and since then the production of the tub has increased. Over the years, many hotels adopted the same concept, but as soon as the honeymoon era began to decline, the sale of this particular bathtub had dwindled as well.

It didn’t deter him though. Mr. Wilkins created another unusual bathtub design in the shape of a seven-foot champagne glass. This time though he won the patent to it and has been an icon of the resort ever since.

Cove Haven Entertainment Resort now boasts 437 heart-shaped whirlpool-equipped bathtubs and 135 seven-foot-tall champagne-glass tubs.

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What We Booked

Round Bed for the Garden of Eden Apple Suite.

Cove Haven Entertainment Resort has three resorts to choose from. Cove Haven, is located in Lakeville, PA, and features the suites and amenities I just mentioned above. Pocono Place is located in East Stroudsburg, PA. It exudes “a relaxed atmosphere of a private club and is a romantic retreat on private Echo Lake in the heart of Pocono Mountains – only an hour drive from George Washington Bridge.” Paradise Stream is at the heart of Mount Pocono itself and is a retreat on private Lake Eden.   Cove Haven is apparently the biggest one and we went for it.   The 225 suites that Cove Haven is divided into six suite-style, the Champagne Tower which has a bathtub in a patented shape of a champagne glass, the Garden of Eden Apple, Cove Fantasy, Cove Harbour, Juliette, and Harbour Tower.

Indoor Pool Size Perfect for Couple at Garden of Eden Apple Suite.

We decided to go for the Garden of Eden Apple which has the following amenities:

  • World-famous heart-shaped whirlpool bath-for-two
  • Private indoor heated pool surrounded by imported Italian tile
  • Dry sauna
  • Cozy log-burning fireplace
  • Remote control TV in the bedroom
  • Living room with TV featuring Lodgenet in-room movies
  • Double vanity
  • Round king-size bed with mirrored headboard
  • Individually controlled air conditioning/heating unit
  • Personal Refrigerator
  • Plus, many other unique features
Bathroom, Shower Closet, and Vanity for Garden of Eden Apple Suite.

Coven Haven Resort Pros:

Upon entering the suite. I was actually taken aback by how romantic the concept of the room felt. For someone, like me, who hasn’t been to a honeymoon hotel before, this was a real treat for the eyes. The heart-shaped whirlpool bathtub draws you in, making you want to just jump and relax in it.  

As we entered deep into the room, the inviting round bed makes you want to cuddle up and stay there all night, especially when it was freezing cold outside.  

It was an advantage that this room has an indoor pool, a size just perfect for couples. We didn’t have to drive down to the public in-house pool just to take a deep dive into it when it was so cold and snowing outside. It was winter when we came, so warmth was what we were aiming for and the pool that they have in this particular type of suite was clean and warm enough that we didn’t want to get out of it once we went in.  

Apparently, Deer Feeds were available at the Gift Shop and you can feed them practically anywhere!

The dry sauna came in handy, too, when we really wanted to get warmed up.  

We didn’t pay the extra for additional romantic amenities like wines, chocolate-dipped strawberries, or rose petals for the tub because we thought that wouldn’t be necessary for us anyway. But those are available in case you want it.  

TVs are not necessarily for relaxation, but these suites are equipped with two, one in front of the heart-shaped tub, and one in front of the bed.  

The use of the fireplace was also a plus and added a little more warmth and coziness around the room, although there was a built-in heater/air conditioner in the suite.  

For outdoor activities, we tried the outdoor ice skating that they have. The rink was a little too bumpy but it was better than nothing. We were going to try the snow tubing, but at the time we inquired, it was still being tested.

When it is not winter, outdoor activities vary. They have Tennis Courts, Handball/Basketball Courts, Heart-shaped Outdoor Heated Pool, Marina Activities (Speedboats, Pedal Boats, Paddleboards), Outdoor Archery, Hiking Trail, Fishing Pond, and Golf Driving Range, and Pines Outdoor Heated Pool.

They also have an indoor game place called Sports Palace, which has pool tables, table tennis, archery, arcade games, tennis, an ice-skating rink and so much more to keep couples entertained.

Archery Space for Two Couples at a time.

Colosseum Restaurant and Cupid’s Corner Bar were a few steps from the suites, or you can drive around it and park your car wherever available nearby. They have live piano music during dinner which adds to the romantic ambiance of the place.

Pool Tables and Arcades were available for couples’ entertainment.

They have a specific place for weddings and other events. A Gazebo overlooking the lake is a perfect hangout place too (when it’s not winter, of course).

The Lookout Lodge, Sundeck, Indoor Pool, Wedding Chapel, and Mni Golf Area overlooking the Lake Wallenpaupack

They have other entertainment too like the so-called Champagne Palace Nightclub,  Spooner’s Sports Bar & Grill, Mover Theater & Roller Skating, Tanlines Bar & Grill, and The Spa. We didn’t go to either of those, though.

The Marina – Landing port for Speedboats, Paddle Boats, and Pedal Boats

What I like most during our visit was the fact that almost all the employees we came across were friendly and approachable and I give two thumbs up to them.

For those who came in with no cars, there were buses available to drop them off in specific areas in the resort within a particular period.

Parking Spaces were available in every area of the resort.

Coven Haven Resort Cons:

This resort has been in existence for sixty years, and that amazes me. But despite the fact that they describe the resort as ‘Luxury’ in their advertisements and though they say they were ‘recently renovated,’ there are spots in this resort that seemed outdated and needs a little up-keeping.

The Lookout Lodge/ Sun Deck overlooking Lake Wallenpaupack

For example, the carpet in our suite – as red and romantic as it may seem in the photos – looked old and worn out in person, especially the parts where water touches it (around the heart-shaped tub, the bathroom/shower room, and the doorway to the pool.) Worn-out edges can also be seen on the carpet with stair steps and on the couches.   Overall the design of the Colosseum Restaurant and Cupid’s Corner Bar, which were under the same building, looked a little outdated too, at least according to my husband.

The Sports Palace has sufficient games in it to keep you entertained but arcade games were old-school,  and the indoor skating rink was made of acrylic instead of real ice (since, according to one of the personnel we talked to, it had been too much of an effort for the resort to maintain an indoor ice rink). The place itself looked dingy.

Parking can be a pain at times when the place is packed. Otherwise, walking around when the weather is fine would be a perfect option.

How to Book and Other Tips

  • Try booking on their website using mobile phones and get lower price deals! 
Sample options When Booking using Laptop or Desktop
Sample options When Booking using Mobile Phones
  • Surprisingly, they have lower deals when booking on their website using a mobile phone even though they are showing they have good deals already when you book using a tablet or laptop or desktop computer.
  • When browsing through their website, it is more convenient to use a laptop or desktop because some information cannot be displayed or shown correctly when using a mobile phone/device.

Overall View

For me, this resort is not bad at all. If you don’t take into consideration the fact that it is a little bit outdated, you can still have fun in this resort with your loved one. They have enough facilities to keep you entertained, and the suites are in a livable state.

Budget-wise, I would say it is on the pricier side, but it is not over the top. We spent a total of 866.38 dollars, inclusive of breakfast and dinner, for a three-day-two-night stay.  I would also say that we got a good deal since we booked on the website using the mobile phone with the “Mobile Only Special – All-Inclusive” – which merely means we saved up to 45% off the actual price.

Do not expect a grand reception, though. The front desk lobby area was not that lavish, but it did serve its purpose.

I do like the fact that you can just walk around the resort and try their different facilities at no additional cost, except of course if you’re gonna buy food or play the arcades.

Suffice it to say, Cove Haven had served the purpose for which we came, as a couple.

The Resort’s long-standing tagline/slogan.

Info Summary



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What would you recommend as a good honeymoon hotel in your area? Let me know so I could check them out!

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