Its really fascinating how I get easily influenced by what I read – that is, writing-wise.

I remembered reading this book about sister princesses fighting dragons and rescuing each other. It was a beautiful story that it eventually inspired me to write a poem for someone I really cared about.

And this was the finally piece:

I’ll Never Depart
Jan. 2, 2005
No towering castle
No losing battle
No magical fairy
No spiders so hairy
No fire-spitting dragon
No gnawing gryphon
No beguiling specters
No glowing scepters
No spell-casting witches
No gigantic leaches
No fire-bosomed sorcerers
No weeping losers
No one thing to offer
Yet I’m here to suffer
With all my heart
Not knowing where to start
Still I’ll never depart

It’s a very simple piece. I think a 1st grade student could actually write it. But knowing myself.. I guess t’was a good start.

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