It just came to my mind this moment that sometimes we people tend to judge someone else by his or her outward appearance. We make fun of their mannerisms, the way they talk, the way they hold their selves in front of a crowd – even the way they laugh. Sometimes we tend to over look the goodness that could possibly come out of them making them look bad and worthless.

I, myself, is guilty of this. I admit that oftentimes I overlook the beauty of a certain individual just because I foresee that he or see could just be another nondescript person.

I almost cried when I read this piece again. It was written with a pencil so the writings now are getting washed out. But when I read through it, it reminded me once again of the person I wrote this about. Penned with such vivacious spirit at that time, I really admired her. Her kindness stuck to me, even until now. I regretted the moment that I lost mocking her every way – making fun of her behind her back. Yet, in spite of it all,  she remained true to herself and to the people around her. I realized eventually, that it was her true self that she was showing to everyone – no secrets, no lies. It was – and definitely, still is – the reason why she has been loved and respected by everyone around her. It is true indeed that the kindness you show to a person – random or definite – will never be forgotten. And the person inside you – that kindness and generosity – will truly out shine the flaws and imperfections you have outside.

To that person, I’m sorry. I just hope that you’ll appreciate this sincere apology –  for I never wanted to be an enemy to you for the rest of my life.

Her Real Worth

Nov. 9, 2004

Once I met a woman so fair
I like her complexion and her flowing hair
But she hardly ever carry a smile
Yet she conquers hearts on every mile

Once she walks in a gorgeous way
Some folks may think she’s such a fay
Oh – but to deem who she can be
She’s simply a girl – just like me

She continues to walk without a beam
A frown in her face – as it may seem
She says she’s thinking of absolutely nothing
But in her head is certainly something

I used to keep from her a distance
Away from her stance in every instance
I surely have my very own way
So I detached myself – come what may!

Once that girl became my friend
“Oh what would I do with such a fiend!”
But I was mistaken in the end
For every thing to me she kindly lend

It is certainly wrong to judge someone
When you simply don’t know what battles she had won
She might not be good – unbecoming outside
But goodness and kindness reside  inside.

Now I know what’s her real attraction
Why to me she was sent without hesitation
“A friend is worth a thousand gold
its beyond our wits – our hands couldn’t hold”.

This is the moment
To be recognized with this
A thing, heaven-sent!

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  1. Hello Jena.I read this and it brought tears to my eyes.We are all guilty of \”judging a book by its cover\”. All too often, we are so busy caught up in our own lives and our own selves that we never really see someone or take the time to get to know that person because they don't fit our \”mold\”.Your sentiments are truly heartfelt and your apology to your friend is most gracious.A person's true beauty does indeed come from within & by the good deeds they do.Thank you for sharing such a lovely post. I appreciate you following my blog and I have become newest follower too:-)I hope you will visit again soon.

  2. Thanks for sharing. Enjoyed the intro as well as the poem. I found myself in a similar situation in JR High. Talked with him last week 3000 miles away. He turned 57 years young.

  3. Powerful message, beautiful poem. I judge people by appearances too if someone is very attractive I assume that they wouldn't want anything to do with, oddly a lot of my friends are beautiful so it is quite bizarre. I have noticed how as you get to know a person they become more and more beautiful

  4. thanks mr Andy. it was really a heartfelt piece. and I always wonder why didn't have the courage to express it back then..

  5. Thanks Jingle!! I find your community very entertaining. And I'm definitely learning a lot through the poems of others..:)

  6. thanks you so much jcahrens! I found that I could only write when I'm deeply emotional. And its a practice for me to keep writing always from the heart.:)

  7. Aww..thats so touching! I'm glad you finally admitted that. Sometimes it takes a huge amount of courage and humility to do that..:)

  8. Very uplifting and inspiring indeed… love the lesson shared~you might want to edit.. Some folks *may* (instead of my)

  9. I felt emotional reading your words; I was the misunderstood girl growing up. I didn't mean to be anybody, but me. I'm still trying to be that girl, even though some people are still trying to change me. You made me tear up, too~Such a lovely apology; I hope SHE accepts it! It was heart felt and authentic~ This is what we all want to be, ourselves xXx

  10. awwll ella! thanks so much for that nice response! yes i'm absolutely guilty but thinking about it, maybe others are judging me as well. but a sad truth.. thats just how people are, I guess..

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