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3 Writer’s Secrets that will Jumpstart Your Writing Career

In my last post, I related my excitement on the Writer’s Block Event: Jumpstart your Freelance Writing Career. Now, I want to share the top Writer’s Secrets I’ve learned from it.

I have channeled the writer inside me that wants to show off for so long. Nothing could replace the feeling of belonging-ness among the like-minded individuals that I have searched for so long.

Oh the bliss of a wanna-be…..

This time though, I want to share some lessons and tips that I have learned while sitting there and listening to the experiences that the speakers have shared.

Anybody can string words together, but only a skilled writer can effectively communicate.

I can’t remember how many times I have read or heard this but I’m finally realizing that this is oh-so-true. I am an avid reader and somehow could differentiate bad paragraph from a good one. But if you are surrounded with so many good writers, knowing which article or piece would be an effective one, could get over-whelming and challenging sometimes. Writing is one competitive, creative business and finding your voice in the midst of the best, is a powerful skill to get to the top.

Write only about things that interests you 

As I was observing the fab speakers talk about their experiences and sharing their own personal tips and style in writing, I was really amazed how this two person with different interests could collaborate as one in a effort to share their passion for writing. They have different tastes and approaches; their writing styles are different. They are both technical writers in some ways and they are good at it. But this is one thing that they emphasized so hard: “Don’t be just a writer. Be a writer of the things you’re passionate about.” For Nikka, it has been food and travel. For Anna, it’s sex and reproductive health. Now, it’s a challenge for me, since I have vast interests that I want to delve into.

Know how to create a proper pitch.

After speaking for hours, the workshop concluded with an activity where they let us write our own pitch. No time to think. Then they asked for volunteers to have their sample to be read and critiqued. That was a good one. For the first time in my life, I wasn’t shaking. Although I didn’t volunteer to be critiqued I have a topic in mind already. I was actually happy and excited to write down my idea. At the end of the day, writing is not just a hobby anymore. Writing is a career. With a proper mindset and a good pitch, you could be on your way to the dream writer you want to be. 

In Conclusion

Thanks, Ms. Ana and Ms Nikka for that informative workshop. I finally learned that “listicles” is actually a word now and one technique to be used in articles and blogs. These are just some of the important things that I’ve learned from this workshop. Of course, I will not tell you everything – since I paid 40 bucks just for this event –  and you should to if you wanna learn and improve your skills.

*This is not a sponsored post. Fees and other expenses were all paid by me. For inquires about future events, visit their website at

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