Mr. Click Inspires to #ClickWithYourHeart this Valentine’s

Aside from the obvious cyber-bullying, sharing our random feelings via social media affects someone else in one way or another. This company’s press release contains information reminding us that we should be mindful of what we post on our platform. In other words, let’s all post encouraging words that uplifts and let’s all avoid negative non-sense that will contribute nothing to our society.
Love is in the air! While streets are bound to be filled by all things affectionate and romantic this upcoming Valentine’s Day, Mr. Click, a digital marketing agency that focuses in enabling micro, small, and medium enterprises to compete in the digital realm through affordable and effective digital marketing services, has sparked personal reflection within the general public if love is still the common theme in the digital side of their lives through the agency’s recent online campaign.

In a digital age where people are given the freedom to voice their opinions online, inciting and receiving cyber-attacks have become a consistent occurrence within this social-media-dependent society. Karen Brutas of the Foundation for Media Alternatives, indicated in a case study about Philippine online behavior, that the consideration of the Philippines as a social media capital of the world, arises the country’s need to stress for social media education and etiquette. While social media platforms offer incredible benefits that have changed the way we live – from connecting and keeping in touch with friends and loved ones to keeping ourselves updated about the world – these platforms also unleash destructive behavior from individuals that abuse the influence and reach of these mediums. The popular online behavior such as the rise of fake news is one; then the prevalence of cyberbullying is another.

This Valentine’s season, through the #ClickWithYourHeart video (, Mr. Click echoed these worrying online practices by society through their clever but genuine representation of three characters and scenarios that could be deemed relevant by any person that dabbles with social media (Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, etc.). Rather than going the usual route of sharing a romantic message for Valentine’s, Mr. Click opted to create an insightful video that presents the shortage of sharing love within society on social media.

“In the two years of our agency’s existence, we have seen how prevalent hate is in online communities. Our community managers sometimes spend hours responding to mean comments in the social media accounts we handle,” said RJ Sustiguer, Interim President of Mr. Click eMarketing Services Inc. He adds, “With #ClickWithYourHeart, rather than preaching a specific message of love for Valentine’s, we primarily want netizens to reflect on whether their personas in social media are propagators of hate or love. With whatever conclusion they end up having, hopefully, the insights they get from our video will inspire them to become better individuals in the digital world.”

From a marketing perspective, Mr. Click has successfully created a campaign that highlights a wrinkle within our society that needs to be addressed while effectively advocating the need for personal reflection to its audience in terms of their overall online conduct. -=O=-  

About Mr. Click eMarketing, Services Inc:

Mr. Click is a digital marketing agency under the Mr. Group of Companies with a mission to enable micro, small, and medium enterprises to compete in the digital realm through affordable and effective digital marketing services, strong client relationships, and strategic synergies with industry partners; in order to attain the highest market share.


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Cyber-bullying or not, this Valentine’s Day, we should all be aware that what we post on social media nowadays reaches millions of people and affects thousands of lives. One-click matters. Your online life matters.

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