Android 4.3 Upgrade Issues

Here’s for the tech savvy – or for someone seeking for answers.

If you own an Android devices, you probably know what I’m talking about.

A few weeks back, my telecom company (Globe) rolled out a new version of Android Jelly Bean, which is the 4.3 version. Being prompted by my phone about the upgrade, I nonchalantly pressed the update button. Take note: I have the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.


Soon enough, after the update was installed, I noticed my phone just lights up every minute by itself – even if I wasn’t touching it. It went on and on until such time that the battery went low. It was so annoying.

Having searched the internet for some solution for the problem and finding NONE, I decided to do the most dreaded thing of all…..

So I backed up my files, messages, and apps, and decided to do a FACTORY RESET. Which was a total bummer! I hate doing back ups and resetting the phone since that would mean resetting the levels on the little games that I arduously play everyday on my phone.

After the reset, the phone went back to normal. In fact, the upgrade seemed to make my phone react more smoothly than before. I was happy and went back to increase the levels on my games.

A few days later, I happened to install another app that I needed at that time. So I did.

But then, the stupid phone started lighting up again every minute and draining the battery life out of it. This time though, it wasn’t just annoying. It was INFURIATING!!!

Since I have to do the cycle again…. enough said.

Now, if you’re like me, who’s searching for answers with regards to this, let me just share you some of the difficulties that I had to go through before I opted for the final choice…

    • Turn off Live Wallpapers. As simple as that. Maybe it’s the reason, maybe it’s not.
    • Check App before Downloading. When you install an app from Google Play, it will first come up with a pop up window “APP Permissions”. Run your eyes through the list first and keep an eye for “Prevent Phone from Sleeping” under “System Tools”. If you find it, that might cause the phone to light up. Nonetheless, you can still check that under “Application manager” on the “Settings” area. Check each apps and under the “Permission” section, keep an eye for “Prevent Phone from Sleeping” statement. That might be causing the problem. Uninstall the app.
    • Clear the Cache. This might work for some. Clearing the cache on your device and disabling the notifications on each app  – it just might solve the problem. To do that, just Google it. Keyword: clear cache on android phone (you can add your unit type or device model version)
    • Try Air Push Detector. Before doing a factory reset, think first. Perhaps the problem was just on the apps installed on the device giving off hidden notifications causing the phone light up by itself. Go to Goggle Play and download a simple one like this: AirPush Detector. That will detectthe applications that are airpush activated. Uninstall the app, restart the device and check if it has improvements.
    • Or Try WakeLock Detector. It works the same thing as the Air Push Detector. Once it detects an app, uninstall that. You never know, it just might solve it the problem as well.  Try this WakeLock Detector. For more info about Wake Lock, check here – PowerManager.Wakelock
    • Factory Reset. If all else fails, do the dreaded thing. Back up every thing. If you need an external hard drive, get one. Do the Factory reset, install the upgrade as well, and most likely than not, your device will work smoothly as ever. Just be careful in installing back the apps, you might go through the cycle again.
    • Some helpful links to follow:

In my case, the reset happened twice, due to lack of answers for this issue. If you have other suggestions for fixes on this, kindly comment below so that others may know.

Other than that, I still love Android.. Smile

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