Poetry: Without Them

Thinking of something to write about could be as hard as picking the right dress for an occasion. But during those times that I need to let out something from my heart, expressing them out through my written words is one of my easiest escape.

Especially during those times that I feel like thanking everyone by just simply being there, those are the times that I feel particularly tongue-tied and shy. Those are the times that I would just simply write it out on a piece of paper, and – possibly – stow it away and never give it out.

It’s my flaw really. I couldn’t speak out at the right moment, and when the right moment is there – I couldn’t get to say the right words.
Thank God for written words. They could be such consolation.

This piece was written for those people who stood by me in times when I felt down and worthless. You may be the reason why I felt like so, but I still do thank you now. Because without you, I wouldn’t be who I am right now.

It’s definitely one of my grateful-to-have-you poems. But I still hope they get the message.

Without Them
Nov. 9, 2004
Without them, I wouldn’t be
Without them, its ‘sorry’ for me
Losing them would be a total pain
A pleasant friendship I wouldn’t regain

Without them here I wouldn’t feel
A love so precious and so still
Making brighter my every day
Loving me in a special way

Without them here I would feel so dead
Boring life – would dry my head
If from my side they would be gone
Nothing would be accomplished – nothing could be done

Without them here, I wouldn’t live
False accusations I would probably believe
For they are my breath, my life, my voice
Who help me through in my every choice

I am Jena, an experienced content creator, who is passionate about travel, health and wellness, and fashion. I'm an avid traveler and digital nomad, who loves to craft and sew and who has some IT background. I aspire to help others with 'no niche' online find their voice and just express themselves. 


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