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3 Quality Actions That Will Make New Year Productive

Some of us are born with a distinct sense of organization. From the start, they are tidy and clean and seem to have a focused direction in whatever they do. They don’t need external help or a system to keep them organized, and they appear to have everything planned out.

Some of us are born with creative abilities that need only a tiny honing to perfect. Some are born with a unique perspective in arts that is spot on anywhere they go.

While others are naturally talented, some people are born with mediocre capabilities. They have to study hard every aspect of things they want to learn. They have to acquire all the knowledge they need for a particular topic from an external source before they could start mastering it by heart. They have little sense of organization that they totally need outside help to keep them on track. In other words, they have to struggle for everything so they could accomplish something.

That’s me. I am not a person born with unique talents. I have to learn everything from scratch. I have to teach myself to be organized and to keep my thoughts in one place so my life will not go astray.

So much has happened in the past years that led me to my current state of mind. So I want to share these 3 little things that I learned from 2016 that I want to carry on through 2017. These are things that I realized I need to work on on a daily basis to be able to could reach whatever dream I may have.


My current lifestyle could easily transition from being extremely busy to suddenly dull. And to eliminate the lull that comes from a travel hangover, I need to learn to plan out my days to make time for everything. The trouble was, as I realized, planning takes patience to learn, too.


There are just so many things to do in a day. So many thoughts in my mind that need execution. And I come to realize that I can only do so much in one day. I needed to learn to focus on things that really matter and not just do things for the sake of having something to do. 


I know. I totally suck at this. I think I am naturally messy and disorganized. That needs to change.

These three main points, as you probably might have noticed, go hand-in-hand. If you have a perfect plan for a day, your focus could be to execute that plan only, thereby minimizing the clutter in your brain and being mentally organized.

If you have a perfect plan for a day, your focus could be to execute that plan only, thereby minimizing the clutter in your brain and be mentally organized. 

What about you? What lessons do you want to continue to work on this 2017? Share them with me in the comment section below.

Have a blessed 2017 everyone! 

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