Under-rated Hiking Experience at Sargent Mountain in Maine

For our anniversary week this year, hubby and I decided to get away for a little bit. We opted to go for a road trip to Maine to get a chance to visit as many lighthouses as possible.   Of course, we were able to do that.

But for now, let’s talk about this hiking trip that we did.   

Mt. Sargent or Sargent Mountain rises at 1373 feet in Acadia National Park and is about 6.5-mile hike up the rocky pathway. I wouldn’t say it was a difficult climb, but the fact that I was mentally unprepared made me want to complain, just a tiny bit.    There’s a lot of entrance to this mountain.

The North Ridge trail is fairly steep towards the summit, the South Ridge trail is recommended for less experienced hikers, the Grandgent trail is the most difficult and a number of trails intersect these three such as Hadlock Brook trial, Maple Spring trail, and Giant Slide trail or the Penobscot Mountain Trail.
Jordan Pond

Since it is within the Acadia National Park, along the way, we encountered the picturesque Jordan Pond and some of the bridges constructed under John D. Rockefeller, Jr aptly called the Carriage Roads.

One of the Carriage Roads we passed by.

The trail that we took wasn’t that difficult, but it was indeed rocky, and some of them were little too steep for a short lady like me. The summit though was a totally different topic. It was breath-taking, literally. It was relieving to see the beautiful scenery from the top.

And to further give you a feel of what it was like, here’s a little video I prepped for y’all. Just a note, I might have added that we took the ‘Mt. Desert’ hike, but it was supposedly ‘Mt. Sargent’. My mistake, sorry!

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Hiking Mt. Sargent in Maine
Hiking Sargent Mountain in Maine
Hiking Sargent Mountain in Maine

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