A Quiet Night Musings

I know. This is so bad. I haven’t talked about life in the past few months. Looking back, I haven’t updated for 3 whole months – but it seems like ages to me.

And looking back, almost all of my articles started out like that.. hmm.. I need to reinvent my writing style and  mood.

I always wished I could be a good writer but somehow, as I learn more about how life goes nowadays, I seem to lose the words to explain the overwhelming joy that comes with the realization of the better things in life.

In short, as my practical experiences in life escalates, my vocabulary literally decelerates. Like, I can’t even spell C-O-N-S-C-I-O-U-S correctly without typing it out on my laptop first. 🙂

I only wish I’m like Camille. This girl is deeply my favourite when it comes to writing. She’s so good in expressing herself in words and writing is basically her life. I wish I could read books like she does, that’s why her vocabulary never gets dull. And, yeah, she’s way younger than me. I still like her though, her writing styles and everything…

Anyway, these three months have been three busy months for me. (Oh, I started with November, so it’s actually 4)

November – I finally met up with the business opportunity I’ve been searching for all my life. And with it started a great personality change for me.

December – The busiest of them all. I stayed in Manila for half of the month and attended trainings, seminars, and meetings to actually get to know the business  more. My sponsor was so good in twisting my thoughts about these business matters so I practically followed her everywhere. And this is also the month that I finally understand that living in the big city is expensive. Because the few weeks I spent there, I squandered more money than I could in 4 months just staying here in my house, back here in the province. No regrets, though, at least now I fully understand the pros and cons of staying in a big city. 🙂 You gotta have loads of money with you..:)

January – Well, yeah, t’was new year celebration where I actually got so sick, I didn’t know why..But luckily I gotta spent some time (and more money) with my business partners when we went down to Cebu for a local training and party with the company. It was so exciting to see a bunch of people doing the same business and it was so encouraging for someone like me who had been a skeptic before.

February – Heart’s day. Or so they call it. Nothing really happened. Except that I went to Bacolod to do a little business – and more leisure – to help a friend set up her business there. Then more work and leisure and we went up to Baguio to attend the wedding of a family friend. That was the exact day of the heart’s day. I had no date. But I had textmates..thanks to them for making that day less boring..:)
And now it’s March. How time flies so quickly. I can’t believe that in a few more months I’ll be getting older again. And more months to come, new year will come again. Wheww….

Oh yeah, there’s a sad part too. Why on earth young people nowadays tend to forget the consequences of having premarital sex? Yeah, I’m totally against it and yet its happening all around me. I may be living with a totally conservative family but that excludes my extended families. Yeah, someone might get mad, but let’s face it, we’re having these sort of problems right now. And they hate it. And they’re suffering for it. And somehow they still have the guts to take it so lightly and joke with it. Can someone tell me why people are getting so immune with the ‘common’ that they hardly see and feel what’s ‘normal’? For crying out loud, wake up kids….!

Oh well, before I start screaming here, I’m welcoming myself again to the blogging world. I’ve forgotten about my jenamaen.com domain and I think I won’t be spending money on that for now. I’m realizing that I actually can live by sub domains again and not boasting myself with an  expensive hosting that I don’t even know how to use.
Bye for now.



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