All You Need to know about Orchard View Lavender Farm

All you Need to Know about Orchard View Lavender Farm

I love lavenders, that is an understatement. For a small flower, it gives off such a relaxing scent that doesn’t irritate the nostrils. So when I found out that there was a lavender farm somewhere near me, I was more than eager to go.

Benefits of Lavender

Lavender is one of the most versatile, soothing, and calming herbs in the world. It’s been used for thousands of years as a medicine, and it can help you with everything from anxiety and stress to headaches and insomnia.

Lavender is an essential oil that comes from the flowers of lavender plants, which are native to Europe but can be grown all over the world. It’s also known by other names like sweet or English lavender.

The scent of lavender can help you relax, relieve pain, and improve your sleep quality. Lavender also has antibacterial properties that make it great for treating cuts and burns as well as acne.

A brief history of Orchard View Lavender Farm

Somewhere in Port Murray, New Jersey, a couple opened up their lavender oasis farm to the public in June of 2016. Their objective is to create a relaxing and tranquil place for guests and visitors where their stress melts away and is restored with a sense of serenity and well-being. With multiple varieties of lavenders, they grow, harvest, and maintain their field without the use of chemical pesticides and herbicides.

Since then, it has been an idyllic setting for artists and photographers, a haven for intimate gatherings while being home to a hospitable family who only wants to bring joy and relaxation to their guests.

My Orchard View Lavender Farm Experience

From the moment you enter the field, you can already feel the tranquility and serenity that lavender brings. There really is something about these flowers that brings down one’s stress levels and makes you feel relaxed and grounded.

My expectations were even blown away by the fact that the place itself looks more like a charming historic homestead, which is something that attracted me to the place in the first place. There are picturesque spots for selfies, tables for couples to just sit and talk, and take in the views, and even picnic tables for families to feast upon.

The shop that they have added a bit more interest to the farm. With its lavish selections of lavender-scented and infused goodies, there is really something for everyone. Even their lavender-flavored ice cream is truly a must-try.

How to get the most out of your Orchard View Lavender Farm visit

  • As of June 2023 through August 2023, there will be a $5 admission fee per person. Cash Only. Children under 10 are free.
  • All year round, Orchard View Lavender Farm hosts a variety of private and public events for everyone. The best way to check these events is on their Events website page.
  • The place is open for private weddings and intimate gatherings. The maximum capacity is 100 pax. You can easily inquire or reserve a spot on the Wedding even Page.
  • Definitely try their Lavender Honey Ice Cream!
  • To get the full bloom, June and July are typically when Lavenders bloom.
  • They have a policy now for Photographers and Social Media Influencers about fees and insurance you need to settle if ever you’re going to shoot photos for business purposes. As far as I know, taking selfies or photos for personal use is highly recommended.
  • As this is private property, please be mindful of your activities. This is a non-smoking and non-vaping environment. They also do not allow pets inside.
  • Snacks and drinks are available at the Shop.
  • Please refer to their FAQ and Policy page for more info.


Their website is always updated so make sure to check that out. Here is their other contact info in case you need more details.

Orchard View Lavender Farm


Address: 101 Karrsville Road, Port Murray, New Jersey 07865

Contact Number: 201-341-8147

Email Address:


Open Fridays Saturdays & Sundays

10 am – 5 pm May – December.

Subject to closure for Private Events.

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