Bench OatMilk Body Scrub

There was a moment in time that I had those itchy blotches all over my legs that make it look so disgusting all the more with scratchy scars on it. It was probably due to some lotion I had applied that was not really accepted by my skin. So, obviously, I had to find some ways to make it gone.


I did some research and found out that oatmeal is good in getting rid of the redness of the scars as well as the scar itself. Combined with the benefits of milk on the skin – which has several nutrients which help skin look its best as well as antioxidants that helps prevent skin from future environmental damage – these two powerhouse actually helped me relieve of this unsightly itchy skin problem.

And I found this combination in Bench’s Oatmilk Body Scrub. There wasn’t much to choose from since this is the first thing I found that practically suits my budget at that time. Without hesitation I purchased it. That was one year ago. Fast forward to today, I’m still using this baby two to three times a week and the nasty blotchiness are totally gone.


Its soft, creamy consistency is so perfect for that sensitive skin. The actual scrub is not so scratchy when applied but effectively strips away the dirt and grime off the skin. Its milky scent makes bathing experience a very pleasant one. And the best the thing is, once you wash off the scrub, you will instantly feel your skin to be so soft and supple it makes you want to stay in the shower room all day.


You may not notice it on the photo, but it has those beads as with any other scrub. The only difference is, once you start rubbing it all over your body, it doesn’t feel like those scratchy beads other soap and body scrub has, since these are not actual beads but crushed oatmeal bits. Surprise! You don’t have to use the oatmeal package you find in your own kitchen anymore! Combine it with the milk extract. your skin will definitely be fed to its fullest.

The end result for me is so interesting. Changing the lotions that I used might be one of the factors why those nasty blotches have been eliminated but what I used inside the shower while bathing had been and will always have an effect on the skin that I have. So choose your bathing tools and cleansers carefully for they are the start for a great looking skin – or for a nasty blotchy ones.

What the product claims: Skin indulging body scrub for extra smooth and supple skin

What are the active ingredients:

– Milk Extract -keeps skin soft and moisturized

– Oat Extract – relieves skin from blemishes for smoother, younger looking skin

– Bearberry Extract – provides skin a fairer glow

What I love about this product:

– It is so accessible. Every mall in the Philippines, almost everywhere, there is a Bench outlet.

– The price is so affordable.

– The smell of the actual scrub is so gentle and not so irritating to my sensitive nose.

– Its true to its claim. Right after washing away the scrub from your body, it leaves it soft and smooth to the touch.

– The scrub particles does not irritate skin no matter how hard you scrub it in. It remains soft and gentle to the skin.

– It has a tight seal. So you will definitely know that it’s a new – definitely not used – product.

– It’s pretty cheap, just around Php 200 +.

What I don’t like about this product:

For the first year of using it, so far I have not felt anything negative about this product. I highly recommend it to everyone.

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