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This is a review I made for ph.makeupandbeauty.com. This is actually the first time I’m doing a review of a product for someone else. Just thought I’ll add it up here for a more varied posts.:) Also seen in my personal blog, www.jenamaen.com

While traipsing our way out in some malls in LA, my sisters and I ran into this small booth of hair products and accessories. The sales lady was so nice she offered us a sachet sample pack of one of their product.


As much as we did not like spending too much time and money on a certain product that will not be as effective as it say it would be, the nice sales lady offered us to sample the product on our hair. She even offered a straightening iron that she said would be a nice combo with the hair serum. So she applied the product on my sisters, curled their hair with the straightening iron (I asked that she straighten mine), and have us feel the softness of the hair even after straightening/curling it. She offered a good price deal and we ended up buying two bottles of this incredible product.
Yes, indeed, it was soft and really not greasy at all. She said that hair serum would not be greasy and heavy on the hair, even without washing it for a couple of days.
And so we tried sleeping with the product on, and on the next whole day, the product on my hair stayed put and it did not feel oily at all.
Compare to the other hair products or hair serum that I have tried before, this one does not feel heavy on the hair strands. It does not feel like my hair is being pulled down by a hundred weights. Aside from that, I noticed that every time I use it, my hair has become noticeably shiny and bouncy. The fact that it does not make my hair greasy and oily after applying it makes it my number one current choice for hair serums.
As stated in the packaging, its ingredients consist of only cyclomethicone, dimethiconol, vitamine E acetate and aloe vera. The combination of Vitamin E and aloe vera makes it the perfect serum for restoring shine and softness to damaged hair – in my case, my extremely dry and frizzy hair due to heat and over styling. True to its claim, ”Get soft, glossy hair in seconds with this light, non-greasy serum”, the product does not even feel greasy on the hands.
Although I could say no negative about the effect of the product on the hair, the cons that I could give here is about its price and availability on the market. As per checking on its website, the Vitamine E Hair Serum costs $49.95, which is in my opinion a pretty costly one for a hair product. We got ours in a very good deal with the sales lady on the booth, so if ever I run out of this product, I’m not sure if I would want to get it online at all. HerStyler Hair products are currently available only in the US malls and online (www.herstyler.com), which is a great disadvantage for us living here in the Philippines.
One of things that are a bit of a no-no for me about this product is its container. Although it looks sleek and sophisticated in its glass pump container, for a travel freak girl like me, I need to be extra careful in carrying it around. One bang on floor could lead to its utter end, worst than its making a greasy mess in my luggage. J
My Pros about this item:
– It is really effective in bringing back shine and luster to an otherwise dry and dull hair.
– It has dramatically reduced my frizziness as well as my split ends.
– It can be applied before styling and even after using heating tools.
– It is not greasy or oily in the palms as well as in the hair.
– It does not drag the hair down making it look flat and lifeless.
The Cons for this Item:
– The cost of the item online is simply not practical for a simple person like me (meaning, its expensive)
– Its glass container makes it fragile for a traveler’s luggage.
To sum it all up:
This product really does what it says. It’s light and non-greasy, perfect for making your hair soft and glossy in seconds. So if you’re one who cares more about the value of a product than its price, this one is truly a good investment when it comes to hair serum choices.

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