Back on the road

We are at the Baguio Overview Apartelle right now, catching on some needed sleep for a busy day tomorrow. Which, of course, will be Mara’s wedding.

To start things off, I went to take a leave off of my tedious job as customer service representative even though I know that it would absolutely piss off my team leader because its suppose to be my audit today.

In my opinion, its not my fault that I would be chosen as one of the agents to be audited and the fact that I have been telling her a few months back that I’m gonna be absent on these dates, I think my side is clear.

But she never made a move for me. So I guess this will do. Let’s just see if I still have a job to come back to on Friday.

On the happy note, I get to go back to what I used to do – traveling on places and just relaxing, while taking in the whole time for myself. I’ve never appreciated this kind of blessings as much as I do now. And that’s mostly the effect of me taking a job that I obviously previously detest.

Good for me though. Because now I’m beginning to fully understand why others would want the kind of life that I have. I’m kind of like living a double life now, trying to comprehend how an employee’s thoughts go while enjoying the pleasure of being able to have what I want to have and do anytime I want to.

Although this trip would only last until Thursday, I know I’m going to have a blast. It’s never too late to appreciate the beauty of something you’re used to seeing. And it’s better to be positive and be happy with it than to hold back and be negative about everything.

Happy thoughts only!

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