Just the other day, I posted  this photo of me wearing a pair of nerdy eyeglasses on. It was such a big deal to me since I never had the courage before to pose with that in front of the camera. I’ve always had contacts on.

Well, I guess that changes now. The confidence that I have with what God has allowed for my body to happen is a contributing factor that molded me to who I am right now. So I guess hiding that fact that I am really a four-eyed individual, would be shying away from being a blessing to others.

For the past few years, I’ve realized how blessed and grateful I am for what I have, who I am, and what I’ve been through. I realized I’ve missed the opportunity to rejoice on simple imperfections and to accept the fact that I am not a barbie-girl with a barbie-life. It’s not only on the good and perfect things that I should rejoice but also on the little mishaps in my life.

Our body is one thing that God has given us to be used for Him. And I think learning to appreciate it and understand it is one step to using it in its full potential. If God has allowed me to have imperfect eyesight,  then I should learn how to cope with it and turn it into something special.

Not curse Him for making me different and full of flaws.

Not having a pity – party with myself for being ugly, four-eyes and granny looking.

But to rejoice that God has allowed me to still see perfectly – just with added accessory.

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Be grateful that I am not completely blind.

And just be thankful that I am  still alive for His use.   There’s just so many things in life to be happy about, so worrying about why God made me like this would be time and energy misspent. 

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