Family Bond in New York

Last year, we had another trip to the US. But this time we visited the East Coast. The first stop we had was New York.

As a first-timer, this was an extraordinary trip. I mean, the privilege to step into another country is more than a blessing for me. And given another chance, I would definitely go back to this place!

We had a wonderful, first time meeting with a relative already residing there. It’s amazing what nationalism can do. Because even if it was our first time meeting the relatives, they were so hospitable and kind and really treated us so well. I surely miss them now.

We traversed from Staten Island back to New York, New York and made a long spectacular walk around the tourist filled town. The towering architectures were spot on and totally post-card worthy, at least for me!

That was the closest I’ve been to meeting the Statue of Liberty.

Freedom Tower Memorial
Freedom Tower

Even the tomb stones could be a perfect background for a perfect picture.

Of course, I could never miss a pose at the popular Wall Street. Truly a once in a lifetime moment for me. 

It may look like just an ordinary city to some people but for me, New York is still one of a kind. Probably because I’m a city-girl by heart. But whatever the reasons may be, being appreciative of the beautiful surrounding,  should always be our thoughts and actions.  

Thank Ate and Tita for those wonderful moments. I’m just wishing for another trip there sooner or later! God willing…:)   

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