I was sitting one day at a mall doing a project and, mostly, staring at nothing. I began to be fascinated with people. I looked at them and started thinking to myself about what they could possibly be thinking.

And then I saw this man, seemed to be wandering or waiting for someone. He was rather cute, I admit, so as usual, I began to fantasize – a normal girl’s fantasy. As I was going deeper into my imagination, rhymes began to flood into my thought as well.

This piece was the result. Its a very recent work – a very random one at that. I think, there’s not a day when I go out to the malls nowadays, that a stranger would come up to me, talk to me like they know me all their lives, or simply just smile and stare at me like I have mud all over my body. Sometimes it annoys me, but other times, it just fascinates me.

July 20, 2011
I stare at the open space between us
Looking at you from a greater distance
Wondering if I’ll ever have you
A stranger I never knew

You glanced this way – but it wasn’t to me
You’re waiting for someone – that’s obvious I see
Still I wonder if I’ll be one of the few
Of the strangers you never knew

Its always funny how people react
To this infatuation – frivolous act
Thinking its fine to mingle anew
To strangers they never knew

I know this is a little bit emotion-less and so random but I believe its never too wrong to say what’s on my mind, right? Or, write, what’s on my mind. 🙂

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