Live. Laugh. Love

So much has happened in the past days. After all the has been happening to Japan, we all can’t help but wonder what’s really happening in the world. Some say it is coming to an end and most feared what it’s going to be like when it does happen. But despite all that, I think God is only reminding us that life is short and we all must enjoy it, treasure it and be blessed by it.

In this kind of days, as many have to come to realize, I too found out how many things I’ve been missing out, so many little happiness that I’ve taken for granted. Family, friends, church – from the little flowers that bloom to the sun that rises in the east – all these things are a total manifestation that God is real and He is great – He is the giver of Life and He takes away life. He holds our life in His hands and all of these blessings come from Him. We only have to acknowledge it and accept it.

Its true. And I lack on that part. The acknowledging and accepting part. Sometimes I could be a little proud, ignoring the tiny events in life that makes great happiness to others, thinking there is always something greater and grander than that. Sometimes I could be snobbish to the little things like plants and dogs. But as days fly by, and as I grow older, those little things suddenly seem to matter so much. A sure sign that I am comprehending what living is all about.

I could regret those times that I never showed how much I cared about someone or something but rather it taught me a harsh lesson now that every tiny details in life, every single event, must be taken all at heart, must be enjoyed and must be treasured. Life is too short to spend in regrets, complaints and worries. Because sure enough we can never know when God will take it all away from us. And there goes the cliche – Live. Laugh. Love.

So here’s a little gratitude tags I tend to ignore..

Friends. Yes, they are always there and that gives the risk of taking them for granted. But I am thankful to have them. All of them.
Pets. This is Timmy Addatu. I thank God for you for bringing happiness to your family. And for all the dogs out there, you are a blessing. 

Family Gatherings. They happen often so its often quickly forgotten. But it all happens for a reason. 🙂

Food. This is what they call ‘shabu-shabu’. A Japanesse hot-pot. And for all the foods out there. I could never live without you. Regards to the Sweets family..:)
Parents. Yes, they can be hard sometimes, but they are the God-given provider, leader, and authority in ones’ life. Of course, I could never be here without you! 🙂
So much to be thankful for so little words.. But I’m thankful for every single thing and person.. 

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