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    On Finding Life’s Meaning

    We have just gotten back from our long vacation to US a couple of days ago. And I must say, it was such a vacation. Going to New York, then to Florida passing through North Carolina, then to Indiana and…

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    An Inevitable Thing

     No one could have prepared us for what has happened in the past few days. Death is certainly an unexpected thing and it could pass by any of us. I now know how painful it is to lose someone so…

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    It all Starts with Goodbye.

    Oh no, this is not a story of goodbyes. In fact, this is an appreciation of moving on and saying hello to new friends, opportunities, and exciting circumstances that could make life more wonderful and interesting. Living in a fast-paced…

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    Event: Makeup Workshop with Lei Ponce

    There might have been some makeup workshop held here in Lipa City, Batangas that I haven’t heard of. But the one that I did join in was the one hosted by First Batangas Modeling and Personality Development, organized by Ms.…

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    2012–Year in Review

    I know its getting pretty late for me, but I will still jump into the bandwagon – with those who recounts what 2012 has brought them in life. For me, I think this is the craziest year by far. By…

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    A Real Love Story– A Test of Faith

    To cut me some slack, I’ll be telling you a love story that I’ve never realized possible to exist in a world as we live in. I won’t get a nice, peaceful sleep until I get these thoughts out of…

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    Back on the road

    We are at the Baguio Overview Apartelle right now, catching on some needed sleep for a busy day tomorrow. Which, of course, will be Mara’s wedding. To start things off, I went to take a leave off of my tedious…

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    HerStyler: Hair Serum Review

    While traipsing our way out in some malls in LA, my sisters and I ran into this small booth of hair products and accessories. The sales lady was so nice she offered us a sachet sample pack of one of…

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    Herbalife Nourifusion Multivitamin Eye Gel

    One thing that has been added to my everyday face routine is the under-eye gel, which is in my case, the Herbalife Nourifusion Multivitamin Eye Gel. Before trying out any under eye gel or any eye creams in this case,…