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2012–Year in Review


I know its getting pretty late for me, but I will still jump into the bandwagon – with those who recounts what 2012 has brought them in life.

For me, I think this is the craziest year by far. By crazy, what I mean is – its totally CRAZY. I’ve done stuff that were totally against my reasonable beliefs.

First off, January 2012 started out really rocky for me personally, emotionally. That probably brought  me to thinking of doing things I’ve never done before. There’s no use restating each of it, but so far what it thought me is to think POSITIVE and never focus on the NEGATIVE. Don’t focus on the things you don’t want to do but on the things you would rather do. 

One highlight of the year for me, is when I finally become an aunt. It’s a weird feeling that we are so finally growing up and having lives of our own. That little baby was and will always be an angel for us. I think it brought our family closer together even through our busy schedules.

Another thing I never thought I could have done, is going back to an industry I have long left. Call center would be last place I would find myself to be in. But for some twisted reasons, I am there working like I’ve never said any detestable comments against it. Somehow, I’m finding myself enjoying it there even though its not a very pleasant working environment – what with all the cursing you will hear everywhere and everyday, all the frustrations you will have to pacify, and metrics that needs to be met. Somehow, it keeps my mind off from having pity party with myself and going back to that hole of self-destruction.

On the brighter side, 2012 was the year that thought me so much about appreciation and gratefulness. I felt like I grew up so much the past year than the other years of my life. I guess this has been part of the reason why haven’t blogged much last year – so that I would live more and have something more to blog about. God have used the people I met to make me learn to appreciate what I already have and to be content with it. With all the tragedies that have been happening in the world, its amazing how God still allows me to live another day. I may not know the reasons why, but I know God is preparing me for something bigger that even I might not know about.

So for 2013, who knows what could happen. God can do anything He wants with my life, and I can’t explain enough how excited I am with all that’s gonna happen this whole year.

Hopefully all will be good and happy memories….Smile

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