A Real Love Story– A Test of Faith

To cut me some slack, I’ll be telling you a love story that I’ve never realized possible to exist in a world as we live in.

I won’t get a nice, peaceful sleep until I get these thoughts out of me. Aside from the fact that I’m still coming out of the relaxing days off going to Baguio and back home, the blessings that I brought with me from the wedding that I attended seemed to etch its way into my being.

There was this Chinese guy who visited our church camp meeting last April 2012 and who knew that he was actually targeting to court one of the least person I expected he would notice. So he approached her dad asking permission if he could get to know this girl. But the dad hesitated and promised him that he would talk about this kind of thing after the camp meeting (and to make sure he would last until the last day of camp).

This girl, whom I fondly call Mara, is a petite, quiet girl with simple tastes in life. Indeed she’s so simple that everything seems to be alright with her to the point that it’s totally hard to decipher what she really wants.

Ever since she was a child she’s been like that, simple in so many ways. I’ve known her and observed her growing up. As she grows older her faith and belief that was established in her since she was a child blossomed as well to be her strong foundation for all the choices that she makes.

In her twenty years, I’ve never seen her flirting with any other guys. Her bashful ways makes it so easy to disregard her but if you could look into her actions, there’s more maturity in her compared to any other older girls I’ve ever known.

When she was sixteen, she wrote a letter, addressed to her future husband. Take note though, this was years before the Chinese man showed up in our church. She never had any boyfriends at those times; there was neither a guy linked up with her. All I can say, up until this point, her slate was clean. And this letter was addressed basically to no one at all – at that time.

The letter stated the most biblically based love letter I’ve ever read or heard about. In it, she wrote and vowed to her would-be husband that she would remain pure and clean until she met him, that she would be a virtuous woman to him and promise to love and cherish him for the rest of her life.

If I’m not mistaken, she rewrote this letter last July 2012 and gave it to her dad, and probably told her dad to give it to the man she’s going to marry, on the wedding day itself. This was the time that she accepted the courtship that the Chinese man fought so hard to ask permission for.

With no one linked up with her between those years when she wrote that letter when she was sixteen, it was so hard to believe that she will eventually have her dream come true, to be wedded on 12-12-12.

Her faith and trust in the Lord made me realize that prayers do come true and faith unshaken can make reality so much better than romantic fairy tales.

Both she and the Chinese man prayed for one thing – to be married to someone who has strong belief in the Lord and His Words, to someone who kept themselves pure and untouched up until the day they walk down the aisle.

And their prayers were granted.

Both from different ethnical backgrounds, they met with a common ground, their heart fully devoted to Christ and a faith undaunted by any other mythical doctrines. 

There is so much to be said in this kind of love story – negative and positive alike. But it depends on the point of view you are looking at.

I, for one, chose to look at the bright side.

It’s so rare to see a marriage like this in a world eluded by Hollywood romances that ends so quickly. It’s so easy to say that they will encounter a lot of obstacles, what with their cultural differences and language barriers, but as quoting the old verse in the Bible “For with God nothing shall be impossible”, it’s safe to say that this marriage –  which is Christ-centered from the beginning – will last and defy all odds.

With that, I end this entry with a salute to the newlyweds…and to your love story that defies all odds!

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