Looking for Principles?

This past few days, I’ve been trying to be consistent in spending a few hours in the morning in fellowship with God, reading His Words and praying.

I know I should have been doing this a long time ago. But the struggle of dwelling in the pleasures of this world – the pressure of work, businesses that need tending, hobbies that need to be finished, relationships that need to be restored – all of them fighting for my attention, it’s easy to ignore the fact that there is a God who allows everything to happen for the day.

When I started doing this every morning, I realized that I have been missing the point of living a Christian life, all along. Reading the Bible every morning gives me direction for my whole day activities. The prayers I say every morning releases the bitterness I have kept for such a long time.

Aside from that, it opened an opportunity for me to go back to my other passion, writing my heart out.

Yup that’s it.

I finally realized that all these concealed bitterness and fears have kept me from having the desire to write my heart out. But now, having that heart to follow Him and emptying myself of all my selfish efforts and desires, I’m slowly finding my way back to that point where it’s easy to express myself and it’s easy to write every thoughts down. I’m slowly  finding the words to make my point clear and express my stand in life once again.

It’s funny and amazing at the same.

There are things I cannot explain yet in simple terms God is leading me to back to where I should be. It’s true what they say. For all the principles in life that we should follow, we are forgetting that it is God that we should follow all along. That explains simple Christian living, yet sad to say, I’ve missed that big time.

I am Jena, an experienced content creator, who is passionate about travel, health and wellness, and fashion. I'm an avid traveler and digital nomad, who loves to craft and sew and who has some IT background. I aspire to help others with 'no niche' online find their voice and just express themselves. 

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