Cebu: Extreme Holidays

We just arrived from our trip in Cebu/Bohol. I thought the Bible Conference would be a boring one, but rather it became interesting especially with the “Amen Gang” heralding every good Biblical phrases said.

I’m sure I’m gonna miss touring and travelling with the some of the members of SOLA Scriptura and Grace Baptist Church. They’re an awesome bunch. When we toured Bohol, it was sure a hectic one since we toured around it in just one day, but truly, it was fun walking around and up the hill with those guys. They never complained even when we trekked the island they already knew very well.

We took photos at the Blood Compact Shrine, took a glimpse at the oldest church built in Bohol, ate lunch at the Floating Restaurant, saw the wonders of the Chocolate Hills, met the smallest creatures with big eyes – the Tarsiers, walked through the heights of their remarkable hanging bridge, and spent our money at the Bee Farm, since we arrived there with the farm already closed.

Then we slept the night at the Hotel La Roca near Bro. Sam’s place. We got a penthouse where us, the Domingos, Aplaons, and the boys shared.

The next day, we cruised back to Cebu and stayed at Cebu Midtown Hotel,   which is located just above the Robinsons Mall. Isn’t that exciting?? You gotta sleep above a mall so everything you need is already there, just a press on the elevator button and there you are! Shopping galore is always the best! 🙂

Anyway, we flew back to Manila yesterday at about 4 in the afternoon. But this trip wasn’t lack of any trouble and the awkward ones too. Because when we arrived at Bohol,  I got a huge blister on my left ankle. Who would ever wear a pair of new Sketcher shoes and walk a kilometer or so long pulling a heavy luggage up a hill? Then when we were about to board the plane back to Manila, I unconsciously threw my boarding pass into the trash can. Good thing the people there were kind enough to sort our the trash for my stupid boarding pass.

Well, I’m back home now, and I’m sure I’m gonna miss this seemingly long extreme vacation which happened only in a week while the rest of the world was busy arranging flowers for their dead.

Photos will be uploaded later.

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