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Designing for the Future: 20 Creative Youtubers We Need to Follow Now

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There used to be a time that designing something is always based on the book – abiding by the rules and principles was a must. But, nowadays, designing has become more of a subjective thing, a designing trend that seems to be shaping the future of the creative world.

I have never been a person brimming with creativity. I always have to resort to external resources to form a particular idea in my head.

As I journey on in my blogging life, I found out that there are bloggers/vloggers – or formally called content-creators – out there who are showing the world that personal style and aesthetics are also important, rather than just following rules of to-dos and not-to-dos. I have learned from them personally and have been encouraged by the fact that they are not ashamed to show who they are and what their creative perspectives are regarding designing something, whether it’s about beauty, fashion, or interior design.

We all know that content-creating is already a creative act in a way – creating content that is original and designing them in a way that will stand out in the growing population of content creators –  requires so many creative juices and brilliant ideas in mind.

Although there are tons of emerging content creators out there who are creative in their own rights, I have listed here my top picks of highly-creative content creators who excel in their job as designers in all aspects of life and have stepped up their creativity level and are bringing the designing concept forward to the newer generation.

Interior Designing

  • Mr. Kate – A celebrity couple powerhouse specializing in interior designing and DIY home-decor projects, spearheaded by Kate Albrecht and Joey Zehr, their company believes in making ordinary things extraordinary.  Their videos are highly entertaining, and they never forget to give back to the community. Not only that, but they also have jewelry and fashion lines available on their own website.

Youtube: Mr.Kate  || Website:

  • Robeson Design – An interior designer by profession, Rebecca’s stylish and vibrant personality radiates through each space she designs and through the informative videos she creates.

 Youtube: Robeson Design  || Website:

  •  Engineer Your Space – Another interior design page with a touch of Engineering perspective, Isabelle LaRue focuses on how-to creative DIYs for home design. Her videos are informative, down-to-earth, and usually so affordable to do. One of my faves is this video about Decorating a Rental Balcony on a Budget.

Youtube: Engineer Your Space  || Website:

  • The Sorry Girls – A couple of gals sharing their inspiring DIY projects for home decors, fashion, and even beauty. With girlish flair and creative input on things DIY, Kelsey and Becky will certainly make you dive into the DIY world after one video! Check out my fave here.

Youtube: The Sorry Girls  || Website:

  •  At Home with Nikki – A page that all moms will love! A professional ‘organizer,’ Nikki creates content about home decorating and organization. Aside from being informative, her style aesthetic comes out clean and on point. One of my faves from her channel is this – Nikki showing her Kitchen Organization with tips and tricks sprinkled all over.

Youtube: At Home with Nikki  || Website:

Planning and Crafting

  • The Frugal Crafter – If you’re interested in anything arts and crafts, Lindsay Weirich is your girl. From card making to crocheting, she has something creative and innovative to share. One of her favorite videos is this – about painting an  Easy 3 Water Color Sunset, which already gathered over a million views in 2 years. 

Youtube: The Frugal Crafter  || Website:

  • Boho Berry – When Bullet Journaling came into the planning scene, Kara was one of the firsts to share inspiration, tips, and tricks about improving, designing, and personalizing the bullet journal. One of the tips I’ve learned from her is How to Draw a Mandala on the bullet journal.

Youtube: Boho Berry  ||  Website:

  • The Reset Girl – And speaking of planners, Cori has some creative input with regards to Bible journaling, planner setups, planner supplies organization, and planner kits reviews. Her planner videos are usually so cute that despite it being a little bit too long, it will inspire you to go creative with your own planners.  My fave is this – about her Bible Tote Organization – even though I don’t have many items as she does – it’s just addicting to watch.

Youtube: The Reset Girl  || Instagram:

Fashion and Beauty

  • Zoe Hong – A Fashion Illustrator Instructor by profession, Zoe turns to Youtube to share and teach everything about fashion – from conceptualizing and actualizing a fashion portfolio – to people who can’t afford to go to a regular fashion school.  Her growing channel is filled with highly informative videos, with insider tips and tricks from the fashion industry. Watch her video intro here.

Youtube: Zoe Hong  || Instagram:

  • Coolirpa – Taking inspiration from another Youtuber, April started her own channel of DIY fashion and upcycling old clothes, turning them into fashionable items – back in 2011. Fast-forward to today, 2017, her channel has now over 1 million subscribers and has become a go-to channel for anything DIY fashion and sewing-related topics. Because of her relatability and creativity in transforming an otherwise forlorn garment, she was able to grow her following and has become an inspiration to young girls who dream of entering the world of fashion themselves – on a budget! Watch her Subscriber Celebration video where she showcased most of her fashion DIYs here

Youtube: Coolirpa  ||  Facebook Page:

  • CharismaStar TV – After winning the 2012 NYX Face Award, Charis Lincoln went on with her Youtube channel creating makeup transformations and sharing her love for anything Disney-related. Of course, she had a considerable amount of followers already before winning, but it opened more doors for her afterward. Aside from beauty, she also creatively shares her faith and love for the Lord, all through the power of makeup and glitters. 

Youtube: Charismastar   ||  Facebook Page:

  • Promise Phan  – Sister-in-law to the Make-up Tutorials front-runner on Youtube, Michelle Phan,* Promise Phan is not a name to be underestimated. Her keen eye to transform a face – or her own – into famous faces such as Disney’s Frozen Elsa or the characters from the ‘Inside Out’ movie, has put her at the forefront of the Makeup Transformation scene, garnering over 4 million subscribers to date. 

Youtube: Promise Phan (Dope2111)  || Facebook Page:

  • Klaire De Lys  – One thing that attracted me to Klair’s channel, was the fact that she approaches makeup transformation with an artistic flair. She makes a face on her canvas and interprets art, emotion, and music through her makeup tutorial. She posts not only beauty makeup but the gory special effect ones as well. She also has creative nail art tutorials that are fun and relaxing to watch. 

Youtube: KlaireDeLysArt  || Website:

Food Preparations

  • Byron Talbot – I applaud people who make cooking seem like a breeze and Byron is one of those people. Applying professional culinary techniques to home cooking, his channel has now over 1 million subscribers and has become one of the cooking shows I never get tired of watching. The Chocolate Ball video was the first I’ve seen of its kind, and it is still so mouth-watering to watch even now. 

Youtube: ByronTalbott  || Website:

  • Nerdy Nummies aka Rosanna Pansino  – Even though just a self-confessed hobbyist, the adorable Rosanna rose to Youtube Celebrity status by posting movie- and tv-show based desserts and pastries. Her yummy videos do not only taste delicious (they’re mostly sweets so who could complain??) they look fabulous and colorful too – so delectable for the eyes. Having over 8 million subscribers definitely, has its perks – high-profile collaborations and a cookbook deal – a sweet life indeed.

Youtube: Rosanna Pansino  ||  Website:

  • The Domestic Geek – Having the ability to turn everyday food into something healthier, delicious, and fun to eat is a gift not everyone has. But Sara Lyn Cauchon not only makes home-cooking look like a breeze, but she puts her own comfortable, creative twist on a seemingly normal recipe. Check out her take on 5 Easy Chicken Marinades or her 3 Veggie Burger Recipes to see and know what I’m talking about.

Youtube: The Domestic Geek  ||  Website:

Lifestyle and More

  • Wonderful World of Wengie – Wengie is a mishmash of everything lifestyle – from simple lifestyle hacks to easy DIY – her creative and colorful personality shines through in every video she creates. She might be the too girly girl for some, but I have to admit that most of her tips and tricks are doable and crucial lifesavers! Check out her popular video about some DIY Edible School Supplies – 8 Pranks for Back to School. She has 7.6 million subscribers, and that speaks for itself! 

Youtube: Wengie  || Website:

  • Lilly Singh aka iisuperwomanii – Lilly posts hilarious skits on her channel that put her way up there with over 11 million subscribers. Despite her Youtube Celebrity status, her persona on her videos is so down-to-earth, highly relatable, and above all, her videos can somehow make you understand how people think about things in crazy situations. Hilarious, addicting, relatable. Seriously, just check for yourself: Old People vs. Technology

Youtube: iisuperwomanii  ||  Facebook Page:

  • Idunngoddess – Her channel is not your ordinary DIY channel. Because who else would have thought of making a mini water dispenser out of an empty Pringle can? Or that you can make an Oreo notebook with regular kitchen sponges? Her video format has no voice-over, giving the viewers a chance to look closely at what her hands are doing. She skips the boring parts and fast-forwards the repetitive ones, so you surely will not get bored watching her. 

Youtube: Idunngoddess  ||  Website:  

  • Blogilates – If there’s one person I could trust to make large- and bulky-equipment-free-working-out girly, exciting, fabulous, and fun, it would be Cassey Ho. If watching a video can make you fit and trim, her POP Pilates videos would get you on the right foot. She’s a certified fitness instructor who brings color to a dull workout routine. She’s an author in her own right. She’s the designer behind PopFlex – a performance activewear apparel line designed to fit any female body type. Having been featured on numerous media platforms, Cassey is continuing her mission to inspire everyone to move – including me. Here’s a quick rundown of who she is and what she’s done so far: The World of Blogilates. Youtube: Blogilates  || Website:  

There you have it!

My extensive list of ‘creative weirdos’ (as Mr.Kate would say it) who are shaping the way we think about creativity and designing something – making their field of expertise more personal, relatable, and accessible rather than serious, emotionless, and out-of-this-world expensive.  

Let’s admit it, most of them, if not all, have broken one or two designing principles – which eventually had become their success factor. They are ordinary creative people with extraordinary creative dreams – making us wonder, do we have it in us, non-creative people, to create something extraordinary?

What do you think? Share more of your favorite content creators below that you want me to check and let me know what you think about this list as well!   

*I did not include Michelle Phan in this list because, despite her being the forerunner of Makeup Tutorials online, she stopped updating her channel months ago. She’s still one-of-a-kind for me, but I’m giving the place here to those who are still active in their channels.

I am Jena, an experienced content creator, who is passionate about travel, health and wellness, and fashion. I'm an avid traveler and digital nomad, who loves to craft and sew and who has some IT background. I aspire to help others with 'no niche' online find their voice and just express themselves. 

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