Herbalife Nourifusion Multivitamin Eye Gel

Repost from a review I wrote for  ph.makeupandbeauty.com.
One thing that has been added to my every day face routine is the under eye gel, which is in my case, the Herbalife Nourifusion Multivitamin Eye Gel.

Photo source: http://www.herbalwisesupplements.com/all-skin-types
Before trying out any under eye gel or any eye creams in this case, my only concern was that, at early 20s, I’ve had signs of premature crow’s feet and ugly dark circles around the eyes. I panicked quite a bit then, so I did a scavenger hunt for good eye creams or gels.
Being a Herbalife distributor quite some time, I’ve had chance to try out their products at a discounted price. I never expected much from this product, thinking that it would be just another product that does not do what it claims to do.
But I was wrong, considering that I have been using this for a couple of years now. I have noticed a big difference on the condition of my under eye. Before, it looked so discolored and so puffy that I totally felt like so old than my actual age (I was 21 or 22 then). I was developing those unsightly crow’s feet and my eyelids were darker than normal. In short, my eye area was not a pretty sight.
To be honest, I have tried other eye creams before but they never really did anything to that poor condition of my eye area. After a couple of years of being patient with this product, I think I have gained the result that I wanted. My under eye area seems to be less puffy now, it has become firm and supple, and the discoloration is gone under normal condition (of course, we all know that a goodnight’s rest is the best contributor for a good under eye condition). The premature crow’s feet on the sides of my eyes are dramatically reduced and my eyelids have become significantly lighter. I guess being patient really has it effects. J
One good thing that I like about this product is that, one tiny pea-size amount on your finger is actually enough for both eyes. It comes in a 15ml travel size tube that actually goes on for months. Its pointed end makes it easy to squeeze out a small amount to the tip of the finger. Its gel-like consistency makes it suitable for all skin types. It dries quickly on the skin so you can definitely feel that it’s being absorbed by the skin well enough.
Although the topic of reducing under eye puffiness and discoloration combined with the treatments to be done for crow’s feet is a broad one, applying the proper eye cream or gel is one step to generally improve the appearance of the skin around the eyes. So finding the right one that suits well for you is a crucial thing. If you are like me, someone from early to late 20s, the saying goes true for us, “Prevention is the key”. Starting your day and ending it with a good eye cream or gel is a proper routine to take care of the skin around eye.
What I Like about the Product:
– Its gel-like consistency makes its absorbable even on my very sensitive, oily skin type.
– It’s small enough to be carried around for traveling.
– A tiny pea-sized amount goes a long way.
What I Dislike about the Product
– It’s available only from the company’s registered distributors.
– Buying it on retail price is PRICEY! I think P1,916 is too much for a tiny eye gel.
Overall, this product is another wonder-product for me. Although this is pretty expensive, I guess the price speaks well for its effectivity.

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