Haunting Past

I was changing the layout of my old diary – kind of practicing my coding skills – I stumbled upon my old site, way back 2006. I was slightly moved to realize the fact that my true passion exists online – here on the web. Its amazing how a person can learn so much and still go back to his or her true passion.

Here’s a look at my old work:

take a peek: http://jenamae.webs.com
Obviously, I hardly know a thing about graphics/image preservation or something like that..:)

And here’s the one I recently updated. Thanks to shabbyblogs.com for the images.

take a peek: http://jenamae.diaryland.com
I think I should set a date to celebrate my online presence..what do you think?Β 

I'm an IT Professional, and I aspire to help people find their voice online. Mine, happens to be blogging and I share lifestyle tips, creative quirks, and some travel inspos, sprinkled with blogging tips and tricks in hopes inspire everyone to just open up and share. If not blogging, or in front of the computer, I love reading, sewing and sometimes baking when I feel like it!


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